Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What We're Learning Wednesday! Part 1

It's time for the first new series! I love writing about what my kiddos are up to! This is my favorite part of my day! I figured the best way to do that was to pick a day to outline and showcase our days and curriculum. 
Here's Part 1:

This year has been the most challenging in homeschooling, by far! 
I went from having one kiddo at the table full time to having all 3!

We are using a mesh up of a couple of different curricula to help us organize and stream line our day.

We started with Five In A Row. Before this year, I had never heard of this one. It has quickly become a favorite and taught me how to stream line 3 different educational levels. It makes my days so much easier!

This is from the week that we did "Caps For Sale."

My children love art! They want to paint, cut, and glue everyday. I have tried my best to build this aspect into our routine. 

We are off to a strong start! I hope that their enthusiasm stays! I am really enjoying my time teaching and learning right along side them! 

Next week, I'll talk about My Father's World, and how we are incorporating it into our days.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits Are Back!!!

In trying to determine which days I was going to set aside to post on here, the one day that kept sticking out to me was Tuesday. This series is the reason I started blogging!  Now, it's back! 
I am so exited to start sharing again about marriage. I am no expert, but I love my husband, he is my very best friend. I believe that Jesus called me to love, honor and obey him. That, my friends, is not a small task for a controlling, type-A like myself. Join me starting next week as I explore ways to better love my husband!