Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dyslexia? Seriously!?!

In this journey that we homeschool moms take there are some major ups and downs. We spend countless hours praying for our children, planning learning activities, and researching the best way to teach ______. Just when we think that we have it all figured out, we get a curve ball. Things change. What was working doesn't anymore and what worked with the first child never works with the next!  This is the curve ball that we received recently:

Mr. Popper was struggling with reading last December. He had completed a complete 1st grade curriculum already and wasn't retaining any of the sight words or phonics. I was desperate! I searched and searched for anything that might help me to help him. I needed something affordable that actually would work. I found My Father's World curriculum. Let me just say that I love it! It did help in getting Popper a little further with his reading, but he was still struggling. I was at my wits end!
I called my friend, Heather. She has been homeschooling her 4 children for years. I figured that she might have some advice as to what I was missing . I poured my heart out. I told her about all of our struggles lately and how defeated Popper and I both felt. I was beginning to think that homechooling just wasn't for us. That may be public school would be a better fit.
She listened to my verbal vent. Then she asked me if Popper had ever been tested for dyslexia. Of course not! He can read, he just has trouble with sight words and some of the phonics rules. Heather went on to explain to me that dyslexia isn't a 'he can't read' thing, it's a right-brain/left-brain thing.

So, I did what any mom in my shoes would do, I googled it! I went searching, digging, absorbing everything I could about what dyslexia is and how to identify it in children and adults. Much to my surprise, I learned, through testing, that my sweet Mr.Popper was dealing with dyslexia. I felt relieved that we finally had answers and yet somehow very irritated at myself. How could I have missed this? I was with my child all the time. I was learning right along side him. How could I  let him struggle as long as I had and not realized?

After some prayer time and serious conversations with both Daddy T and Heather, I came to a peace that at least we know now. Now what?

Heather introduced me to this amazing curriculum: Dyslexia Games!  This has been our life saver! I immediately created a wish list of all the items that I would love to have. With it being the middle of the year, I knew that I didn't have the budget to buy all new curriculum just yet. I decided to pray about it and wait. Little did I know, God was about to answer that prayer in a mighty way!

Sarah is the women who created Dyslexia Games. She has an amazing story that she writes about in "Life, Love and Dyslexia: Sarah's Journal," which I will be reviewing next week. She was seeking people who's children have dyslexia and who would be willing to review some of her products and blog about it! OOOOH!!! PICK ME!!! I was stoked! I contacted her immediately! Just like that God reminded me that there is no prayer too small or silly. That if something is important to me it is important to Him.

We started using the curriculum this week! I am so excited to see my sweet Popper excited about learning again! I look forward to all the rave reviews that I will get to post for you guys!!!