Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Greater Than...

My 4-year-old, C, is learning numbers 1-20 this week. He is learning greater than and less than. I found this on Pinterest that I thought would be such a neat way to teach this.

I was so excited to start this morning! I grabbed my construction paper, scissors, and trusty makers. I made a greater than/ less than symbol, #'s 1-10 and got the Legos ready.

I started very basic, wanting to be sure that I explained thoroughly the way this worked. On the second problem, I was quickly informed by C that he didn't need the Legos! He knows how to tell which one is more! Well, okay then! Needless to say, he busted my perfectly prepped bubble. I just knew that this was going to be a perfect way to teach him. I was wrong. It figured it out so much easier than I thought that he would.  I wrote out a quick worksheet with 10 problems on it to see just how well that he actually understood. He flew through it! I was so proud.

2 Teeth and A Good Night's Sleep

Baby E finally cut her first tooth yesterday! At 8-months-old I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see any. Lately, she has been chewing on everything and drooling like crazy. I decided to feel around again yesterday, and, much to my surprise, she had 2 bottom teeth peeking through. Two at a time, guess she was just making up for lost time!
Then, if that was exciting enough, she slept through the night for the very 1st time last night! Ahhhh, I feel like a new Momma today!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Change in Directions

I started this blog when I was going all natural and, while that is still a goal in my house,  that is no longer the focus here. I am finding that I am being drawn more and more to write about my family. I am on a journey of learning how to be the wife and mom that God has called me to be. I pray that you will continue to join me in my journey. I will still be posting all natural ideas, from menu planning and recipes to cleaning ideas, but I will also be posting about what I am learning.
I need a place to share what is on my heart. I feel like I am learning all of this in fast-forward. There are days when I fail miserably. Those are days where I am so thankful for His grace. Then there are days when the life seems to be going so perfectly. This are faith building for both of us! I need a place to share my joys and my discouragements. This is it! So, please, feel free to join me and share with me. I look forward to what this will hold for me!

Who Am I?

I had an amazing weekend! I felt so great when I went to bed last night. I had spent the entire day soaking up God's word at church, Sunday school, and small group. I felt ready for the new week to start, and then it did! I try really hard not to complain about Mondays. I am coming to the conclusion that Mondays are hard because, after spending an entire day learning and having our faith built up, we make goals for the week. That, my friends, is when Satan chooses to attack. At least that seems to be the case in my world.
This week is no different. I have spent most of today being spiritually attacked. I am learning to lean on God more than I ever have.
During my reading I had a whole new thought about 'expecting God' like it says in Psalms 37 and Isaiah 40. Who am I, that I should expect anything of God? I am a sinner. I fail everyday. I prayed on this for a while. I was still wrestling with this in my heart when my husband called me on his break. I explained to him where my heart was and what I was dealing with. Praise the Lord for giving my husband the words for me this morning. He very lovingly explained that my definition of expecting was wrong! That it was a faith kind of expecting and that is what God expected of me!
I hadn't thought of it that way. It allowed me to pray in a whole new way this morning. I am still praying through this process, but I am now aware of a humble expectancy of my Father. And so I wait, leaning on Him, expecting Him to move on my behalf, and trusting that His ways are higher than and so much better than mine!

Are you waiting for Him to move on your behalf? I would love to pray with you about it!

Have a listen at this song by Casting Crowns!