Friday, January 29, 2016

Family Field Trip: The Zoo

Last week while the entire east coast was getting pounded by a massive snow storm, we were experiencing nice 55-60* weather. Since I am not a fan of winter and cold, we took these few nice days to enjoy the outdoors as a family! We have a membership to the local zoo. In a family of animal lovers, this is a necessity. On Sunday, after church, we ate a quick lunch, loaded up, and decided to enjoy the animals and the freedom of being outdoors!

The Crunchy Kiddos were super excited to be out of the house! They are too active to be stuck inside as much as this wet winter has caused us to be. The sun wasn't shining but the temperature was in the 50s and made for a very nice day. I'm pretty sure we take a picture at this statue every time we visit. Sunday was no different! 

Yet, I know that one day, this sweet Popper, will be on the other side of that glass helping care for the penguins! This is always a favorite stop at our zoo. The penguin keepers know Popper and his love for these birds. They encourage him and will sit and answer questions for as long as we will allow! Today, there were no workers out for presentations, but the penguins were very willing to say hello to their friend and future caregiver, Popper!

Sister and B were happy to see the penguin as well. This little guy was very friendly! We all enjoyed getting to see him up-close like this.

The rainforest building is also a favorite for us! I didn't get to see my sloth this time. She usually makes an appearance and if there is a baby, she will allow us a small peek. Sister and Brother Bear like to pose for pictures on the statues in the entrance. 

We really enjoyed the nicer weather and just being out of the house. The kiddos were able to run off some of their pent up energy and we all left feeling so much better!