Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CTCMath- A TOS Review!

Math has always been something that I struggle with teaching. I have tried several different things to try and make it work for us. My problem that I ran into was the stuff that seemed to work best for the kiddos required tons of planning on my part. I was beyond frustrated. 
About 6 weeks ago, I had a major answer to my prayers. It came as an opportunity to review CTCMath's One Year Homeschool Membership. When I first began looking at their website and the way the lessons were set up, I got really excited! There was so little prep involved. This really looked like something my boys would enjoy! 

CTCMath is so amazing! First off, they give homeschoolers 60% off regular prices! I loved that. There are membership options for 1 student or for multiple students and you can choose from monthly, 6 month, or 12 month plans. Plus, with these plans, you get access to ALL of their lessons for EVERY grade! 

I chose to use the multiple student account. I really needed something for both Popper and Brother Bear. Also, with Sister wanting to 'do school' like her brothers, I figured she could try the Kindergarten level when she is ready. 

Popper was the first one to try it out. I started him on the 3rd grade level. We just began at the beginning. I figured a little bit of review would be helpful. Especially since math can be taught so many different ways. This would allow him to see how they taught it.
He liked that there was a video to teach him. He seemed to really grasp what was being taught. His problem here was the stacks of beads were so small, he was having a hard time counting them. I gave him a pencil to use as a pointer. After that he flew through the lessons! 

Brother Bear loves all things math related! I knew this would be a favorite with him. I started him on the Kindergarten level. There was some information that he already knew, but there was a lot that he had struggled with previously. It helped to concrete it for him! He loved watching the videos and getting to work through the questions. 

This is a screen shot of Brother Bear's lesson. I loved that he could click on the mega phone and it would read the question and possible answers to him. He liked that he could work independently on his math! This helped to build his confidence level and allowed him to enjoy learning! 

Learning number words is a place where Brother Bear has had some struggles. He just recently started learning to read so, these are a little more difficult for him. CTCMath made it easier for him by putting in a drop down, multiple choice style answer box. He was able to think of the sound that the number began with and choose the answer through process of elimination. These have really began to concrete these words for him! I love seeing that 'lightbulb' moment!

This was such a great experience for us! I have let Daddy T know that we have found our math curriculum for our family! I cannot imagine ever using anything else! This has saved us from so many meltdowns, late night planning, and frustration. In place of all those, my kiddos are enjoying math! They are asking to get online and work do their next lesson!!! 

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