Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beric the Briton- A TOS Review

We love reading in the Crunchy House. My kiddos beg for me to read to them all the time. Enter my love for audio books! I cannot sit and read all day, but I can provide my kids with great audio books to listen to! We have taken to listening to them both at home and in the car. Lucky for us, our library has a great selection of audio books. However, nothing compares to these amazing audio dramas by Heirloom Audio Productions!
We love these audio dramas! They have become a favorite of ours over the last few months. So, you can imagine our excitement when we found out that we were getting the opportunity to review Heirloom Audios Productions newest release, Beric the Briton!  

These audio dramas are hands down one of my favorite finds for our family this year! Daddy T and I love that they tell history through a christian perspective, so many times this part is left out of the history books. We love that they are filled with adventure which is highlighted by music. You can hear the people in the background of the fight scenes. It really helps to transport you to wherever the book is taking place.
In this case, we are transported back to Britain, know as Brittannia, to a time when Rome had invaded and Nero became the youngest Roman Emperor. Beric, a Briton, is our main character.  Our family loved hearing his great adventures, from saving a lady and her children from a pack of wolves to becoming the chief of his tribe. We cringed when he was captured by the Romans and trained as a gladiator. This story was one filled with adventure, twists and turns. I loved that this story reinforced that God is the one true God. I also loved that it taught to love your enemies and forgive! It was such a great addition to our family's collection! I am sure it is one that we will listen to it several more times on car rides! 
We received a digital study guide as well. It is really helpful for me to use with the kiddos to help make sure that they are comprehending what they are hearing. With my kiddos being younger, I want to make sure that they understand what they are listening to. I really appreciated the way that the study guide outlined the main historical characters of the book. It helped me be able to have a better understanding of the dates of history we were discussing and just how serious of a time it was for Christians. There are also recipes that you can try, a Bible study that reinforces what they are being taught, and more information and resources for studying The Britons and Romans in the 1st Century. I learned so much from this book and study guide. This is definitely a resource I will use for years to come to help teach my kiddos about life as a 1st century Christian.

We also received:
*An ebook of G. A. Henty's book by the same title
*Two printable posters
*A mp3 download of the soundtrack
*A behind the scenes video of the production

In the beginning of the book Mr. George, the narrator, apologies to Ned and Gerald that he is going to miss their weekly meeting. He is on an adventure with an archaeologist to see a great discovery. I can only imagine that this is a teaser for the next book in the series! I cannot wait to get my hands on that one when it's released! Let's just say, Popper is especially thrilled at where the next book is headed!

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