Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Song!

There are so many Christmas songs to choose from. Many people change favorites every year. My husband likes them all. Me? I have a few that I love dearly and look forward to every year, but my favorite song, that's easy!...

Christmas, Carols, Mary Did You Know, Pentatonix

"Mary Did You Know?"

It makes me really think. I sends me to a place of awe. 

Once I had boys of my own the reality of what Mary was dealing with, what God chose her to do...I can't imagine! 
There are a few of the lyrics that really get me, and I would like to share with you my heart.

"Mary did you know that your Baby Boy 
would save our sons and daughters?"

We all think that our children are special. We try not to compare them with other children, though sometimes we fail. Can you imagine knowing that you child's purpose in life would be to save those other children?

"Did you know that your Baby Boy 
has come to make you new?

This Child that you delivered 
will soon deliver you?"

I can't imagine the power of that thought! Put yourself in Mary's shoes, this baby boy that you just carried for 9 months and delivered after who knows how many hours, is going to be the one that makes you new!

"Did you know that your Baby Boy 
has walked where angels trod?

When you kiss your little Baby, 
you've kissed the face of God?"

Okay, seriously! This is more than my mommy/human heart can even begin to take in! I have no words! Only an awe struck moment, an image of that special moment when Mary held her Baby for the first time. Just like every other mom. She leans over and kisses that sweet little chubby face. She allows Him to wrap His tiny fingers around her pinky and stares into her eyes. ***SIGH***

What about when she nursed her sweet Baby? Those special bonding moments that moms spend with their precious babies in the wee hours of the night. Was she aware of just what the future held for her Little One?

"Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy 
is Lord of all creation?"

Baffled yet again. He created you! That's a crazy thought! This little One that you just carried in your body for 9 months, that your body supported and allowed to grow, actually created you and chose you! 

"Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy
 is heaven's perfect Lamb? 

The sleeping Child your holding 
is the great I Am?"

'heaven's perfect Lamb' that makes me tear up. To know that my baby was going to be the sacrificial lamb! Did she know? Did she have any idea what God had planned? 

When God called she answered. She was a mom just like you and I. I'm sure she had dreams and plans for her children just like we do. Can you imagine her heart, her thoughts, or how about her prayers?

Those are the thoughts that come to my mind every time I hear this song. With these and the ones that you are having now, I invite you to enjoy my favorite version of this song:

I pray that you have a blessed Christmas. Enjoy the small moments with your babies and families! 

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Saying "I'm Sorry"

sorry, submission, help-meet

God calls me to be submissive to my husband, and I'm still learning how this works. I'm still searching. I still make mistakes. Recently, I made a rather large one. I had to learn to resubmit and ask for forgiveness from Daddy T.

I have a very dominate type-A personality. I tend to jump in head first even when God places warning signs in my way. I am learning, but sometimes (cough-cough) I can be a bit stubborn!

A few months ago, I was introduced to a new idea. It was intriguing. I liked the idea. I liked some of the stuff that went with the idea. Naturally, I began to dive-in. My husband told me, in a very loving and careful way, that the idea was not a good one. He told me that he didn't like the idea at all and that I needed to be careful.

Did I listen to his wisdom and warning? NO, of course not. I preceded to dive-in head first. In doing so, I hurt several people along the way. 

God brought me to my knees through a series of events that seemed devastating at the time.  I spent several days on my knees searching out truth. Once I realized just how much I had screwed things up, I repented to God. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I have such a forgiving Father. I mess up a lot. I am so thankful for His unconditional love for me.

The next part was the hardest. I needed to ask for my husband's forgiveness. I knew that I had wronged him. I knew that I had hurt him and my family by ignoring his warnings. 
Sometimes, the apology is the hardest part. However, the release of guilt when someone says that they forgive you is so worth it. 

The conversation wasn't easy. I wasn't even sure where to start. I said a silent prayer for courage and began. I poured my broken heart out to my husband. I thanked him for his wisdom and asked him for forgiveness for ignoring it. He forgave me. Even though I knew that he would, it was still a difficult conversation. I had to humble myself, which is never fun. 

The end result was worth the pain. I restored my relationship with both my God and my husband! Things are back in their rightful order. 

If you have ignored God or your husband in someway, I challenge you to take the next step. Get alone with God. Allow Him to forgive you. He's there waiting, longing for that renewed relationship with you again. Then go to your husband. Ask for his forgiveness as well. It does wonders for your relationship when you acknowledge his position in your life. I promise you won't regret it!