Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Home School Adventure Co.-A TOS Review

When I was younger, any time someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always tell the 'a wife and mommy.' Of course, that answer would cause a giggle and the question was reworded to ask what I wanted to go to college to become. I eventually learned to answer, 'a teacher.' This despite the fact that I knew deep down my true calling was to be a wife and a mom.
You can imagine my excitement when I was given an opportunity to review the book I'd Rather Be Your Mommy? by Home School Adventure Co. What a beautiful truth to teach my children. What a great way to remind me and my children that this is a true calling! They also included I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Coloring Book Editionwhich I knew Sister would simply adore, and I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Print Set.

I'd Rather be Your Mommy Book

I received a pdf version of all 3 products and I could not wait to print out my new treasures! I could only imagine reading this book to my babies and coloring along side Sister. I just knew this would be a well loved book in our home.

I just have to say, this book was more beautiful than I expected. From gorgeous illustrations to simple truths that I want to remind my children of everyday, this was the book that I needed. I needed to be reminded that this mom life that I have chosen is exactly where I want to be. It also helped to share with my children that there is NOTHING else I would want to be, but their mom!

Of course. Sister enjoyed the coloring book version so much. I was able to read it to her more times because of this added resource. As we colored together I was able to share my dreams of having children with her. I was able to tell her how special she is to me and how much I love her. I took this time to help her understand that she can be anything that she chooses to be and to never let anyone negate that! 

I loved the prints that were included as well. I chose to print them off and display them by the children's bedrooms for them to be constantly reminded that there is simply nowhere else I would rather be and nothing else that I would rather do than be their mom!

This book is a great way to share with you children just how special it is for you to be their mom. I believe that it helped to reinforce the precious role that God gave to us as moms, and to remind us just how special our calling really is. This is definitely a new favorite book in our home!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017


All my life I have had the worst fear of the dentist. I have done everything in my power to avoid going. Last week, however, I experienced the worst tooth pain that I have ever had. By Friday, I was running on 3 nights of little to no sleep and I was cranky! That was my breaking point. I went online to find a dentist that accepted my insurance and was actually open on a Friday. I found one.
I called the office and was given an appointment for a little later that same day. I was nervous, but in enough pain that it overrode all nerves. 

I arrived at the office just in time for my appointment, filled out the paper work, and waited. I will not lie, my nerves were on edge. It wasn't long, my name was being called. Back I went....

My first impression was a very sweet dental assistant who was so patient with this 34-year-old baby. She calmed my nerves as she took my x-rays and chatted casually with me. She showed me on the x-ray what the problem was, and went to get the dentist. (My anxiety returned!)

When the dentist came in, she was soft spoken and kind. She took a look at my teeth and x-rays, and explained that I had 2 options at this point: extraction or root canal. She explained the pros and cons of both procedures. She then allowed me time to look over the financial aspect and call my husband to discuss which course of action to take.

After decisions were made, she made sure that I was most comfortable with my decision. She then proceeded along with the rest of the staff to help calm my anxieties and make it the most relaxing visit to the dentist that I have ever experienced in my entire life!

I am so grateful for the staff at my new dentist office. I'm thankful for the care and patience that they showed me, the time they took with me, and helping me to get rid of my fear of dentists! I have another procedure coming up in April. This time instead of anxiety and fear, there is excitement. I am ready to have a healthier mouth and smile. All thanks to the sweet ladies that I met Friday!