Sunday, February 5, 2017

C is For...


I am a box curriculum-fill-in-the-blank-worksheet kinda person. 
That is what works for me. My children on the other hand are not!
They are the creative thinkers. This was a challenge for me when I began homeschooling. I wanted to fit them into my box curriculum and make them learn like I do.

Thankfully, that was a very short stage in our lives! I realized quickly that they did not fit and began to tailor their education according to their learning styles and gifts.

I am so thankful for their creativity. It has stretched me, challenged me, and taught me so much. I call my kiddos curiously creative. I have am learning to embrace this learning style. Slowly, we are finding the perfect balance that fits our needs. Through this process, I am becoming the creative one. I am discovering my creative side and using it to help adjust things to better fit each child's learning style. I am so grateful that God gave me the gift of creativity and used my children to bring it out in me! 

What about you? Are you joining me in this journey, finding things to be thankful for? I'd love to hear what you are thankful for this week!

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