Tuesday, March 22, 2016 A TOS Review

My family loves movies! Lately, I have found that it is so difficult to find good, clean, family movies. I have even been disappointed with the selection of cartoons and children's shows. We have begun to turn off the television to keep from watching junk. That left us with a small problem...we love movies!

Last month I received a copy of  My Son, My Savior DVD from to review. I was super excited.  While I cannot wait to tell you about the movie, I must tell you about first! This is a fantastic resource for movie lovers that want good, clean christian movies and series that the family can enjoy! They have movies and series for all ages, from Theo and Veggie Tales for children to War Room and When Calls the Heart for the whole family! 
With their movies starting as low as $5, there is definitely something for everyone's budget. I am planning on using to help purchase birthday and Christmas gifts this year. Also, there are several on my list, like Torchlighters, that I want to purchase to use for school next year. 

Now, about the movie: 
My Son My Savior is told from Mary's perspective. I loved the idea of this unique approach.  There were parts that I had never thought about before, like her growing up learning about the coming Messiah. I hadn't thought about her life, other than Joseph, before we are introduced to her in the gospels. 

This is a short movie, 55 minutes, and I was left wanting to see more of the story.  It stirred a hunger for me to go back and read through the gospels again. To read His words, to see Him interact with His disciples, all the while keeping Mary in the back of my mind. It was a unique was to see my Savior.  
In the movie we get to witness some very precious moments between a mother and her child. There were a couple of times that I found myself crying at the thought of Mary's motherly love for her child, Jesus.  We also get to watch as Mary starts to understand just Who Jesus is and what He has come to do. 

My Son My Savior is designed to be a tool for churches to use as a witness to people who have little knowledge of Jesus. It is a quick overview of His life. Now, I personally felt that it was a little too rushed and missed on some key points as a film for enjoyment. However, if it is being used for the purpose of sharing Jesus to a group of unbelievers, it is a fantastic resource. 
My Son My Savior also comes with some free Bible study guides for churches to use in conjunction with the movie. 

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