Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our School Year 2016-2017

With all the craziness of the past year, I had a difficult time starting school this year. I really fought to find my drive to get started. I never thought that I would lose my drive. My passion has always been learning along side my children and teaching in a way that helps them understand. I have always looked forward to August when I would buy any new books and curriculum we would need for the year. This year was simply more difficult. 

I had to spend a lot of time in prayer in order to remember that the passion was originally put there by my Heavenly Father. I had to spend time with Him to remember why I started this journey. That was all it took! Now, we are moving right along! I am so excited to teach and learn with my kiddos again! 

I thought that I would give you a little peak into what we are learning this year (as of right now).

Popper is going to be working through Dyslexia Games B. He has been reading a book from the Epic App recently, but I am looking to purchase Learning Language Arts Through Literature the Yellow Book. I really like the way that it uses bite size lessons for him. I think it will help to not overwhelm him! For math, he is beginning to learn multiplication and fractions which we are learning through real life situations. He is still very interested in space and is working through Apologia Astronomy. Egypt is probably always going to be of some interest for him, but I am looking to mix it up a bit this year and learn about the United States using one of The Thinking Tree's newest journal.  

I ordered Brother Bear the readers for ABeCeDarian. He is so excited that he can read an actual book! He will also be working through Dyslexia Games Series A. For math, we are working on simple addition and subtraction and how to write numbers correctly with The Thinking Tree's Comic Book Math. Last week, at the grocery store, we talked about money and how to correctly read how much a product is. I love real life math application, I believe that it helps the information stick so much better! 

Sister has decided that she now wants to 'do school' everyday. She loves being read to! I have decided to use Before Five In A Row and Five In A Row. It will help keep her lessons simple for her, but allow her to still learn with the boys! We will use The Thinking Tree's Laura and Leah's Journal For 2, Count and Color for Girls, and Coloring Book for Two.

We have a few things that we will be doing together! We are currently using the 'Put-on Chart" by Doorposts for out Bible Time. Two days a week, I will be rotating between a famous composer using Zeezok's Music Appreciation and a famous artist using ARTistic Pursuits paired with The Thinking Tree's Picturing the Past.We will also be cooking together, going on nature walks, read alouds, and much more!!! I am finally so excited again!  

I am glad to finally be back in the blogging world. CreativelyCrunchyMom is going to be getting a face lift over the next couple of weeks, so please excuse the mess. I am looking forward to sharing our homeschooling journey with you!!!