Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update: Dyslexia Games

When I very first began using Dyslexia Games for Popper, I was desperate to find a way to move forward. We had hit a learning brick wall. Sarah, at The Thinking Tree, was so helpful. She allowed me to review her product here. I was eager to get started. I was hopeful, but nothing could have prepared me or made me believe what we have experienced in the last 3 months.

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Sarah says the average time to go through all the Series A books is about 3 month. We are moving a tad slower. We just hit the 3 month mark and still have a book and a half to finish. My best advice, and Sarah's too, is to move at a speed that is comfortable for your child. We all know that each child learns at a different pace. Popper use to complete 3 or 4 pages a day, but as the logic puzzles got harder, he slowed to 2 pages a day. That is currently what he is completing. It is a nice comfortable pace that doesn't overwhelm him.  

So, here we are! I cannot believe the progress that Popper has made. I am thrilled to be able to share with you the following:

I am so glad that I saved writing samples from the beginning so that I could have this comparison. It makes my heart so happy. My sweet Popper is actually proud of his work! He can't wait to show his daddy when he gets home from work! 

I am amazed each day at how much progress he is making. His reading is even improving! He actually wants to read. There are still days that are harder than others. I know that this isn't a miracle cure all, but I am forever grateful for the improvements that he has made.

I cannot stress enough how much this has changed our lives and the way that we 'do school.' If you have a child struggling with dyslexia, check it out: Dyslexia Games.  There are 3 different levels available for different age ranges. Right now, Series C PDF (which is worth its weight in gold) is on sale for 50% off until March 7th. This one is for ages 10 to adult. It is definitely worth the investment. You will not regret it!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dragon and The Raven: TOS Review

Recently, I was introduced to the most amazing thing in audio books that I have ever heard of: Audio Dramas! Where have these been all of my life? I was given the opportunity to review The Dragon and the Raven by Heirloom Audio Productions

audio drama, Alfed the Great, Heirloom Audio

The Dragon and The Raven is an audio drama from the book by G.A. Hentry. This fabulous audio drama transports you to Wessex, England following the death of King Edmund the martyr when the vikings are seeping through England killing and persecuting Christians. One of the things that Heirloom Audio is about is bringing history to life. This is not always the history that we read about in school, where God's role is either watered down or completely removed from the event. They pride themselves on their research into the actual events that took place, searching for the truth where it might have been omitted by others. These details are what drew me to them. I want to teach my kids history with all things intact, especially where God is involved. (Because isn't He always!)
The story picks up as the Vikings (Danes) have taken over all of England except for Wessex. We are introduced to Edmund, a young man whose faith in God will be tested. He and the very young King Alfred of Wessex work together to try and defeat the Danes. If you know this piece of history than you already know what happens. That was not the case in our family!

The age range on The Dragon and The Raven CD is ages 6-Adult. The website says that children 4 and up would enjoy it. I found that my littles (age 5 and 3) enjoyed the sounds and being with the family, but really didn't understand a lot of the  content. Popper, who is 7, even had a really hard time understanding it. I am not sure if it was the accents or that the story moved quickly at points. Thomas and I really enjoyed it.
The CD came with a study guide and discussion questions. They were helpful in explaining some things to us. Neither one of us were very familiar with this time in history. It was neat to learn about it in such a fun way. This definitely lines up with our fun-schooling mentality. 
I loved that scripture and faith in God were woven into the very depth of this book! I was encouraged as I learned about King Edmund and the new Kind Alfred. Their faith astonished me! I love that we were able to talk about what a martyr with the children. I think it is so important for them to know how very blessed we are in America!
I think that even though the children were a bit too young to truly understand all of the story line, this will be great when they are older. Thomas and I have already been discussing purchasing all the other adventures that they have available so that we can enjoy them now and I can use them for the children's history lessons when they are older.

The Crunchy Family really enjoyed listening together. It was a great way to spend family time. 

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Faith Builders Bible- A Review

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This face tells all! When we were given the chance to review the Faith Builders Bible by Zonderkidz, I wasn't the only one that thought it would be a great fit. Popper waited by the door for over a week for this to arrive! As an avid Lego lover we just knew that this Bible would be perfect for him. 

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The day that the Bible arrived, I allowed Popper to open the package, not knowing what was inside! His reaction was great! I am so glad that I captured it! He quickly showed off his new Bible to everyone in the family. He couldn't wait to get started reading and building! 

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The Faith Builders Bible is a hardback Bible. Inside there are full-color pictures of scenes from 24 choice Bible stories that are made out of building blocks. They have a summary of the story along with a 'Building Block Verse.'  In the back there is also a Bible Dictionary and a list of 'Great Bible Stories' with the references to the stories. I did a little research and found that the NIrV is written on about a 3rd grade level. That being said, my 2nd grader was able to read it with a little help from me.

building lego scripture bible

Popper has been studying the 10 Commandments in Sunday School so it was natural that he wanted to start there. He read the 10 Commandments to me and then proceeded to build a model of the full-color image that was in the Bible. We didn't have the exact pieces, but that didn't stop this creative one! He really enjoys Bible learning becoming hands on with his favorite toys, his Legos.

bible, nirv, new international readers version, kids, lego

There are not words to sum up the joy in this mommy's heart watching and listening to my sweet boy read the Bible on his own. With the Faith Builder's Bible being written in the New International Readers Version, it makes it very easy for Popper to both read and comprehend. He actually enjoys reading his Bible! Now he can do his morning readings with little help from me. 

This is such an amazing resource for him. Thomas and I have been trying to teach him to have his own quiet time. We are stressing to Popper the importance of time with Jesus everyday! Now that he has a Bible that he can read and understand, it has made this time even more successful! 

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

This Bible has made a huge impact on the way that we do Bible time as a group as well. Each morning we start our school day with a reading and timeline lesson from a book out of the Bible. This month Popper has been the one to read most of the Bible reading for us during this time! I love that he is able to read this on his own. Also, it is a great example for the younger two that big brother is reading the Bible! It has been such a blessing to our family! 

There have been several days this past week, when I went looking for him, that I found him reading his Faith Builders Bible. If you have a Lego lover in your home, this would be the perfect addition for you. Thomas and I have decided to order one for Brother Bear as well. Nothing beats the joy that I feel hearing my Popper read from God's word!

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Missing Posts of My Midnights With Jesus

I started an amazing series with Callie over at Mama's Coffee Shop at the beginning of February. I was so excited to be a part of it! God really used it to get me seeking Him again. Last week, due to some health issues, I missed posting about Psalm 37:4. I am here to catch up that missed post!

When I saw that this was the verse that we were studying for the week, I almost cringed. I have seen so many people lose faith over this verse. I have some strong opinions and knew that I would have to tread lightly and pray for balance here. So, that is where I started.

I asked God to open my eyes to this verse and give me wisdom. Boy, did he ever!

My starting point was this: 

So many people take the second half of this verse and use it completely out of context. I have seen it so many times that the first half of the verse is the part that I always stress. Delight in Him. 
I believe that as we delight in Him, He helps change our hearts desires to line up with His. I still believe that this is truth. However, God used the last 2 weeks to remind me that He cares about my desires as well!
For several months I have been planning on purchasing a new printer to help lower the costs of our homeschooling. I have spent several hours researching the best and cheapest printers. I finally decided on one and knew that I would need a set amount of money for this printer. I begin to talk to Thomas about the printer and he agreed that we would purchase said printer. 
When the time came to buy the printer, the amount of money that I was setting back was far less than I had expected and therefore put my printer dreams out of reach. Thomas told me that I could still buy a printer but that I needed to lower my costs by about $80. Now, I usually don't like to talk money, but the exact amount is important here because when I opened Amazon on my laptop, my dream printer had just been reduced by $80.01! I am not kidding! 
God knew my heart was set on this printer. I believe that at the perfect time He allowed for this printer to be place on sale placing it within my budget!
Later in the week, I received yet another desire of my heart from God. I had been invited to attend an Usborne book party that my friend Candice was throwing. I spent time looking through the catalog making a wishlist of books that would supplement our fun-schooling perfectly. The day before I purchased my books we had an unexpected bill pop up that had to be paid, thus depleting my book fund. 
I decided to take some of my old curriculum to a local homeschool curriculum consignment shop (yes, those exsist) to make some extra money so that I could have the books on my list. While I was there, the sweet ladies that run the shop asked if I wanted to look through a few boxes of books that they were donating. They asked me to please take any that we could use. They needed to get them out of the backroom to free up storage space. Seriously you guys, you will not guess what books were there! USBORNE! 80% were books on my wish list. Here is a photo of my books that I received that day.

I am not sharing all of this with you to brag about what I got. Not at all! I am sharing this to show you what God taught me that week. He showed me that yes, delighting in Him will line my desires up with His, but also that He cares about my desires too! Even ones that may seem silly in the realm of eternity. I mean, that printer, those books really are worthless when it comes to winning people for Jesus. However, God knew that I needed to learn that He loves and cares for me as an individual. He cares for those 'silly' desires of my heart. He knows that they mean something to me. He showed me that I mean something to HIM! 
It was such a great feeling to know that He placed those things in my path on purpose to bless me. I needed to be reminded of His awesomeness, His power!

I am not saying that He is always going to give me anything that I want. I am saying that there are times when God chooses to bless us with things that we desire! 

I learned such an great lesson this week. 

I did not even get to look at this past weeks verse until today. Psalm 27:14 which says:
"Wait on the Lord: 
be of good courage, and He 
will strengthen your heart:
wait, I say, on the Lord."

What I can tell you about this verse is, it is meeting me right where I am! I needed to hear this right now! Things around our house have been crazy and may be one day I can share with you the trials and life storms that we are going through. Just know that I need Him to strengthen my heart today...everyday. I need to wait on Him right now.
I need to remember that His timing is perfect. Waiting, as hard as that is for me, is the best answer for me. It is the very thing that will bring breakthrough in our current situation. 
I will be meditating on this one this week. 

I pray that this month has been as much an encouragement to you as it has been for me! I have gotten so much out of this time. It has helped me to truly seek Him, no matter the time of day!