Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Early Learning Box- A Review

I got the privilege to spend a weekend running The Thinking Tree booth at our local convention last month. While there I was able to look around at all the wonderful curriculum and vendors from all over. I loved getting to meet all the people and see all the beautiful choices. I realized how blessed we are in the homeschooling world. How did moms before us do this with out all these amazing choices?

We all know that I am a curriculum junky, but seriously, I found the best thing in early education at convention, My Early Learning Box. Their motto: 'Ready, Set, Let's Play' sums up everything that an early learning curriculum should include! Creating a world of fun, play, and discovery! Can you say FUN-Schooling!?!!!!!

There are 10 different categories of learning that are included in the box:
-Small Motor
-Large Motor

After spending several years in Occupational Therapy with Popper, I longed for a way to bring some of those activities home do use regularly with him, Brother Bear, and Sister. This box has many of those same activities included. While I do not feel that this should ever take the place of traditional therapy (it wasn't created to). I do feel this would be a fantastic supplement for moms who's kiddos need a little extra at home. 

The box includes a wide variety of activities to help make learning fun! Brother Bear enjoyed drawing in his 'All About Me' book. I enjoyed this time spent one-on-one with him. Over the last year, he has really become his own person. He no longer likes everything that B and Popper like. I loved getting to sit with just him and talk about his stuff! It was a great time for both of us.

The fine motor activities are great. Sister and Brother Bear liked building different faces with the felt shapes. It was a neat way to allow their creativity to come out. The kiddos enjoy them so much that they don't realize that it is helping them develop those skills.

This science activity was very informative even to me! Each kid had different things that they thought smelled good and bad. It was neat to see how different these two actually are!

Our all time favorite activity in the box is the 'How Do I Feel?' cards. I loved that it really helped them identify with how they would feel in different situations. It has also helped them to use the phrase "I'm feeling...." when explaining to me about a situation. It has helped us in being able to identify triggers to some of Brother Bears meltdowns. 

I love My Early Learning Box. The littles beg to do 'their school' all the time. They really enjoy the fun activities that are geared towards their learning ability! On the backs of the learning cards there is an Easy Play and an Advanced Play option. I am really excited about these. This will allow this box to grow with my littles. There is so much more for them to discover and explore with this box! 

You can get your child their very own box by visiting their website. Just click on the image below: 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Science Shepherd A TOS Review

Daddy T and I have been looking for a science curriculum that would fit our family. Popper is very interested in learning about anything to do with science. The problem is that most everything that I was finding either wasn't biblically based or required a lot of planning on my part. We were given the opportunity to review Introductory Science by Science Shepherd through The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. I was excited at the idea of this curriculum and crossed my fingers that it would fit our need.

I allowed Popper to watch the sample video lesson online. He was instantly hooked! He began begging to start working on it before it even shipped.  

Science Shepherd is a complete science curriculum written from a biblical standpoint. This is an online video based curriculum that has a student book to work along side the videos. 
Introductory Science has 2 levels to choose form- A and B. We chose level A, which is recommended for ages 6-8. It covers several topics including:

-Science Skills and Tools
-And More!

There are 35 weeks of lessons broken down into 5 days a week. Which seemed a bit daunting to me at first. We tend to only school 4 days a week, but I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did! 

Science Shepherd Review

Each day starts with a short 2-5 minute video about that weeks topic. The videos are filled with slides, colorful pictures, and demonstrations. I love that the videos are short and to the point. It was really good at keeping Popper's interest and helping him to retain the information provided.
I was very happy, as I watched the first few videos with him, to hear the videos teach that God's word is true and that He created all things! I knew that this was a winner for us!

After watching each day's video, there are 3-5 questions about the information introduced in the video. I loved that Popper could answer these on his own and even go back to the video if he couldn't remember. It really allowed him to be independent in his learning. There are also a variety of crossword puzzles, word searches, and matching puzzles throughout the week. The whole lesson from start of video to questions and activity takes about 10 minutes! That's it! Super simple and he is learning so much!

Each week there are 1 or 2 activities that help reinforce the lesson. These also have instruction videos to walk you through them. There is a supply list of things that you will need broken down by weeks so that you aren't caught off guard. These were probably Popper's favorite part because it allowed him to be hands on in the learning process. 
The boys loved making animals out of clay the first week. The lesson reminded the kids that God was thinking of them when He created that animal. He already knew that Brother Bear would love the monkey and Popper would love penguins! 

Popper is still working his way through the lessons. Currently, he is learning about meteorology. He is teaching me all sorts of fun facts as he progresses. I love that he is enjoying learning about science. 

He can't wait to get to the lessons on volcanoes! He wants to create his own and watch it explode. Science Shepherd has really helped Popper become an independent learner and enjoy science on a new level. I love that he can work through his lessons while I am helping Brother Bear and Sister with their lessons. The freedom that it has brought is amazing! 

Science Shepherd Review

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