Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Armfield Academic Press- A TOS Review

We recently moved to a smaller town closer to my parents. We are all loving living closer. However, with a smaller school for B comes the reality of less electives. He has always loved learning French at school, but the new school did not offer it! I was super excited to tell him when we found out that we were getting the opportunity to review Getting Stated with French by Armfield Academic Press.

Getting Started with French is a great way for B to brush up on his basic knowledge and continue learning more French. The authors, William E. Linney and Brandon Simpson, wanted to create  way to teach French with correct pronunciation and short lessons, which help not frustrate the learner! The beginning of the book has a section on how to use the book. It contains links to mp3 downloads which help with pronunciations and an audio commentary by the book's author! Such great resources for a newbie, like myself, who has never touched a french book. 

The book contains 172 short lessons that take a few minutes each day to complete. I thought this would be really great for a new learner. I tried to think of this as a beginning learning book, if I were to teach the littles from it. B has already had a year of French so he was coming in with some basic knowledge of the language.  That said, he was really excited to get started. He stalked the mailbox for almost a week for our package! When we finally received it, he immediately got started digging in!

He chose to work on French everyday after school. He told me he loved the mp3 downloads. They were very helpful in making sure that he was saying the words correctly.  He liked that the lessons were shorter. It helped him balance his other subjects and still be able to continue learning a language that he loves! He found that the beginning of the book was a lot of review for him. I allowed him to move ahead  few lessons to where he was being introduced to new words and phrases after he listened to the mp3 pronunciations. He was really excited to learn that these were recorded by an actual native Parisian! His dream is to visit Paris and be fluent enough to speak with locals one day.

Overall, this was a great resource for B to continue his learning of French. He did say that he wished there were some worksheet to help him reinforce the new words, but that is simply his learning style coming out. I told him he could create his own to see if he had a real understanding! He liked that idea! 

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