Monday, January 27, 2014

An Update, Long Overdue!

I know that I have been MIA for several months and now, suddenly, I am posting reviews. You deserve a long explanation. In fact, I am sure that you are all sitting on pins and needles just waiting to hear where I have been! (sarcasm, obviously)
Things have been a little crazy here. We are loving the new house. Shortly after we moved, my Poppa, my absolute favorite person on the planet, went to be with my granny and Jesus very unexpectedly one night! The pain that I experienced during that time was numbing. I knew that he was better off and that there was no way that I would ever wish him back. I just hurt. I didn't get to say good-bye or prepare the way that I did with Granny....I talked to him on Monday and Friday he was gone.  To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. I know as Christians we have hope in Christ of Heaven. I know that my poppa went to be with Jesus. I do not know how people without that hope make it through a loss like I experienced. Even with my knowledge and all the hope that I do have, my heart was broken into a million pieces.
The holidays were the hardest. I tried to absorb myself with family, but the depression took a deep seed in me during the last few months. I have found the way back to the surface again and have grieved appropriately. I can now sit and remember all the good memories of my poppa and smile! I am thankful for the time that I did have with him. I am thankful for the promise and hope that we will be reunited again one day!

This semester I am in a ladies Bible study at church focusing on going deeper with Christ! I cannot tell you how excited I am! It is so nice to be reminded that I am not a slave to sin and this world! Praise Jesus, because of His sacrifice, I can run to the Mercy Seat!!!

I am not sure how often I will post now that I am back. Life is precious. My time with my little ones is valuable and can never be replaced. I am enjoying teaching Popper how to tell time and reading him The Magic Tree House series. Brother Bear is having a time potty training. Sister likes the potty, but is teething like crazy lately! My days and hours are filled to the brim! I am loving every minute of my family! Daddy T has an exciting new opportunity coming his wys in the next few months and I cannot wait to fill you in more when the time is right! I am learning about essential oils and all their benefits! I am loving the way my house smells lately. (an added bonus!)

I'll be back soon! Until then, Blessings!

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