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When I began preparing for the 2015-2016 school year I researched tons of curriculum ideas for my kiddos. Even though we are more interest led, we still use different curriculum options to help supplement and fill in the gaps that we may be missing on our current studies. I found this amazing website I wanted a membership bad! However, at the time we did not have full access to the internet.

Fast forward a few months. I got the offer to join The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I bet that you will never guess what my very first product review is...that's right. I am reviewing Yearly Membership! I squealed with delight when I received that e-mail! I was so excited to get the chance to use this website that is crammed full of so many resources for homeschool families! I will never be able to fit everything into this one post. Instead, I am going to share with you a glimpse into and the lessons that we have been learning.

When I received all my sign-in information, I couldn't wait to get started exploring the site. I started at the New Members Hub. It gives you an overview and answers any questions that you might have.  

Then, I started searching by grade level and chose the Elementary section. I was impressed with how many different options are available. There are 11 different subjects to choose from: 

*Computer and Technology
*Drama and Speech
*Foreign Languages
*History, Geography, and Social Studies
*Language Arts

Each one of these tabs have several different choices. It is a smorgasbord of classes. You could use this website independently or as a supplement to what you are currently using.

Once you have determined which classes you would like to try, the quick links page will be your best friend! They are in the process of changing it up a bit, reducing the number of pages you have to open in order to access the lessons. 

Rightnow Media, Online electives, Online classes

Here are a few of the classes that we used to help supplement our learning over the last 6 weeks.

I started looking in the language arts section. I wanted to find something that encouraged reading and writing while peeking their curiosity to learn. I found several options, but fell in love with Ditch the Desk with teachers Jennifer Holden, Heather Hayes, and Charlene Johnson.

The title explains it all! It was right up our alley. Their lessons are created to get the kiddos away from the desk while learning and creating fun crafts. Since it lined up with Christmas season, we used a few of their lessons about the season:

online school, Elementary Homeschool Courses

I learned as much as the kiddos did! It was so much fun exploring why we have the traditions of Santa Clause, the candy cane, and the Christmas Tree. There were some really neat crafts with each lesson to get the kids hands-on learning! One of our favorites was making salt dough ornaments as a family. 

Now that Christmas is over, Popper has said that he wants to write a book. Their Author and Illustrator lessons are exactly what he is going to need! We are looking forward to starting them after the first of the year! 

Next, I found the Science tab. Since the majority of our Science is done with nature walks, and Popper has been interested in space lately, I knew I needed to find some supplements. I was not disappointed when I found Creation, Nature, and You, a video series with the brainy Dr. Schniffenhousen.

 Along with access to all the classes on, you also get a membership to RightNow Media! RightNow Media has over 10,000 videos! There are print outs that go with the lessons from SchoolhouseTeachers also available. This is a helpful way to add diversity to your daily lessons. 

The video that we found was 'The Wonderful World of Science with Dr. Schniffenhousen!' I printed out a color page of Dr. Schniffenhousen for the crunchy kiddos to all color while listening to the video. However, Popper kept getting distracted by the beautiful pictures of galaxies and stars! Brother Bear and Sister were a little young for this one and had a hard time paying attention, but it was perfect for Popper!

Finally, and probably a favorite in our house, was the Art. We chose Elementary Art with Jennifer Hawkins.
My boys are obsessed with the Ninja Turtles, so, naturally, they were thrilled that the 1st artist we were studying was Michelangelo! 

online classes, online electives, Elementary Homeschool courses

We learned a little bit about his history, got to look at some of his art online, and finally were able to 'paint' like him. 
Of course, we used colored pencils to protect our eyes., rightnow media

There are great resources for parents as well!

SchoolhouseTeachers Review 2016

There are links to classes and articles on how to teach certain subjects. There is sections for encouragement, recipes, homesteading, and special needs.  On top of all that, there is a giant planner available! It is stuffed full of organizational pages. A homeschool mom's brain on paper!

After the holidays are over, Popper is wanting to start both the Music Theory 1 class with Michelle Martin and The Tinker Club with Dr. Sobey in Science! There are several of the Read and Play stories with Sarah Gilbert that I want to use with the little ones. Plus, they add new classes and resources all the time! Overall, this is a fantastic resource for any homeschool family!

I have a great treat for you! Today through the January 31st, 2016 you can get 50% off an entire year! Just click the link below: Review 2016

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