Sunday, March 6, 2016

Family Time

We have been enjoying beautiful weather lately. This past Saturday Thomas and I decided it would be a perfect time for us to get some much needed yard work done. 
It was an amazing time of family togetherness. The kids were excited to be involved with making our front yard beautiful again for spring!

Thomas was the first to find an animal that had made its home in our overgrown flower beds. A giant toad that was woken up by the squeals of delight from Sister. The kiddos love animals of all shapes and sizes. Mr Toad was one of many on this beautiful Saturday to captivate their attention. There were several worms, garden snakes, and crickets that entertained them throughout our work day. 

The boys were busy raking leaves and helping Thomas remove some bushes that were in the way of the new flower bed. They worked hard side-by-side. I love seeing them working together learning to help each other. They are getting so big. They were able to dig up both of this bushes by themselves and move them around back.

Of course there cannot be all work and no play! Popper enjoyed running and crashing into the big pile of leaves that he and B raked up together. 

B gave Brother Bear a ride in the wheel barrow as they moved the bagged up leaves around the yard. The giggles were so precious. They made the work load lighter and the day so enjoyable. I love seeing my kiddos enjoying working and playing together. 
I cherish these moments knowing how few we have left together as a family of 6. It won't be too many years before B is off to college and not available for Saturday work days. 

I have to say the highlight of the kiddo's day was the new baby chicks that have made their way to us.  Spring chicks offer so much joy and curiosity for them. They are learning responsibility in feeding, watering, and caring for these young ones. We are looking forward to last falls chicks starting to lay eggs any day now. I can't wait for them to get to experience gathering fresh eggs for breakfast! 

I love days like this. Moments that are so fleeting. I want to stop time during these sweet minutes and memorize every word, every smile, and the sound of every giggle. My babies are no longer babies. The years are short. I am learning to relish these moments that much more. I am grateful for cameras to help capture the moment. I pray that they remember these and many more when they are older. I know that I will!

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