Monday, March 14, 2016

Math-U-See: A TOS Review

Math. This is a word that has always brought with it so much anxiety. Scenes of tears and meltdowns followed by dread have all but stopped us from completing it each day. 
Then this past month I was introduced the most wonderful thing ever invented...ever: Demme Learning's Math-U-See.  Popper and I received a complete physical set of their Alpha level learning along with the Alpha level Digital Pack. The digital pack included:

*A 12-Month Access streaming instruction videos
*Instruction Manual PDF
*Lesson Solutions
*Skip Counting Songs mp3
*Songbook PDF
*Digital Manipulatives

Those first few days brought so much relief and freedom to our school day. We began to actually look forward to math time!

math, Demme Learning, on the go, manipulativesSince we have never used Math-U-See before, I cannot tell you what it was like before the Digital Packs were available. What I can tell you is that I absolutely loved having everything, including instruction videos, available online.

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I am not sure I would have been half as excited about this if I had to mess with a DVD to watch the instruction videos. Plus, there are so many extra resources available on the digital pack that you miss without it. For example, there is an Additional Resources tab that is filled with so much goodness. There is a worksheet generator, a link to print off graph paper (which is above us, but will be super helpful when we are older). There are word problem tips, additions and subtraction facts sheets, and skip counting mp3 songs. All that is under just one of the tabs! There are many more.

manipulatives, demme learning, streaming math instruction

There are even digital manipulatives! I think these would be great for a family who doesn't have a lot of extra space to store the physical manitpulatives or a family that travels. I like that Popper can use them while doing math if the table is occupied by other activities. 

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It is recommended that you test your child into the proper level. Since Math-U-See teaches differently than other programs, you want to make sure that you get the right level for your child. When we tested Popper I knew that he did not have his addition or subtraction mastered. He tested into Alpha. 
I was concerned about him being bored with it since he had been working on addition and subtraction for almost 2 years now. That was not the case at all. Since we began, we have moved through certain chapters and lessons more quickly than others, but not all.

Popper has really struggled with place value. I am not sure why, but he could not grasp what I was trying to teach him. Math-U-See has erased that confusion! He GETS it now! It was taught in such a fun interactive way that he was actually excited to show his dad and B when they got home that night! It has stuck with him through the last month. 

The manipulatives, both physical and digital,  have helped my right-brained boy with learning. He can actually see the numbers as the manipulatives. I believe it helps him truly understand the numbers that he is working with. The saying 'see it, build it, write it' are used in almost each lesson. This helps with each different style of learning. It also helps to make the new idea or lesson stick. 

I never thought that math would be enjoyable for him. Tears were an everyday occurrence. I had begun to put off math until the end of the day to keep from the stress overlapping and ruining other subjects. Not anymore! Popper loves his new math. He actually enjoys learning about numbers and how the work together.

These are the many faces of Popper doing math! Does this look like a boy who is miserable? NO WAY! This is a confidant boy that is loving learning about math all thanks to Demme Learning's Math-U-See!

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  1. Cute pics! :) Do you think you will purchase the next level after Alpha and continue on with MUS? I'd be interested in knowing. As a reviewer, I often loved a product - enough to use it, but not enough to buy it. Does that make sense? I'm considering Alpha for my 5 year old, who loves math and is doing very well with our current program, but I think he'd love more of the hands-on component that MUS offers. Would love to know more of your thoughts. Thanks for the great review, Michelle!

    1. I am hoping to. I love the way that it is laid out. It has been so nice to actually enjoy math. It's no longer a fight and that is a very new concept for us! I am also looking at purchasing Primer for my 5yo for next school year.