Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summertime is Here

The last 2 weeks have been really laid back at our house. With B being out of school for summer and around the house, the boys are really enjoying more time with him. 
Where we do not take full summer vacations, we do slow way down when the weather warms and we can spend the majority of our days outside! That being said, here is a weekly wrap-up that is actually 3 weeks! 

We have been reading Ping using Five In A Row. The kiddos all loved this book. I read it a couple of days, we watched an animated version on YouTube, and I let YouTube read it to them a day or 2. I love having this option, especially when allergy season in full swing.

We used our watercolor crayons to draw a scene from Ping. Popper's is the far left, he drew the cover of the book. Next is Brother Bears', he drew the 'wise eyed boat' filled with ducks. On the right is Sister's, she drew Ping getting his back spanked when he finally returned. The kiddos loved telling Daddy T all about the story using their own drawings when he got home that night!

Of course, we are still using Dyslexia Games every day. Popper is on Series B now. Brother Bear has started book 2 of Series A. I am thrilled with the progress they are both making! Sister likes to be included as well. I print her off Series A book 1 and let her color along! 

Summer vacation for B means more LEGO time for the boys! They love planning and building with big brother! He is so good with them! I love watching these 3 interact. It is also a lot of fun to see what new creations that they come up with next! 

This week they found a show about building and fighting robots. Their next mission is to build their own. They are in the beginning planning phases. I'll keep you posted as they begin construction. 

Somewhere in his reading, Popper has learned about potential and kinetic energy. I was cooking dinner the other night and he brought his project in to show me his example of both forms of energy! Seriously! I am loving this child-led fun-schooling more than ever! He is learning things that I would have never thought to teach him at 7! 
Also, now that he is enjoying reading, Brother Bear (5) has been asking me how to spell things and if I'll teach him to read too! He says that he wants to be able to read his LEGO comics. You better believe I'm teaching him! I am so excited to hear that he is interested in learning. I cannot wait to see that light-bulb moment happen for him when he breaks the code and can read all by himself!

We are using a new Thinking Tree journal this summer. It is called 'My First Fun-Schooling Journal.'  Popper is loving it! It is right on his level! Here he is watching a documentary on penguins on Netflix!  (yes, that is a pile of clean laundry on my couch! I'll get to it later. Right at this moment, Brother Bear is snuggled up with me! Precious boy, he has started to outgrow this so I am soaking it in!) 

Overall, our summer time learning is looking very similar to our school year learning. We are still exploring, discovering, and playing! Our garden is teaching us all about science and responsibility. Our chickens are laying eggs finally. Flowers are blooming and the fish are biting! I love this time of year. I hope that you'll excuse the fewer than normal posts over the next 2 months as we enjoy every minute of the beauty! I'll try to pop in from time-to-time and give you peeks into our explorations!

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