Monday, June 13, 2016

Forbrain- A TOS Review

As many of you know from past posts, my Popper has dealt with Auditory Processing Disorder for years. He was able to have Occupational Therapy for about 2 years using a bone conduction therapy that proved very successful. He has improved so much that the therapist could no longer justify weekly or even monthly visits. She did tell us that purchasing the bone conduction set would be beneficial to maintaining the results Popper had experienced. At that time $2000 was waaaay out of our budget. And so I began to pray...

Recently, that prayer was answered when we received the opportunity to review the bone conduction headset from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd.  

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

Forbrain is a headset that uses bone conduction through a special dynamic filter that allows you to hear your voice the way that others hear it. This allows you to hear speech pronunciation mistakes and correct them. It also helps with volume control (a huge issue with us), comprehension, focus, and memory. 

I thought this would be perfect to actually use with all the kiddos as well as with Daddy T and myself! I started with Popper:

Popper used Forbrain as he did his daily reading and sometimes during our poetry memorization time. I found that as Popper used the headset, he was trying to create different voices for the characters.  Most days, I noticed that he was retaining better than usual. However, there were days where he was not able to use the headset because of headaches. 
That is one thing that I will mention, if you or your child suffer from migraines, be careful to stop use if it begins to hurt at all. Popper tried to keep using it one day and ended up in bed the rest of the day. We did not find this to be a common problem, but there were a few days when he had to not use the headset. 

Next was Brother Bear. He loved wearing the headset!

He usually wore it during his story time. He was dictating a story while I wrote it out. I think it helped with focus. He seemed to be able to sit still a little longer than usual. Since we are not super strict about time spent as much as quality of time, I did not keep track of actual time spent sitting still. However, I did notice that we were able to have more quality to the time we were spending learning. He was able to get a complete story out in one sitting. Which is huge for him!

I saved the best results for last:

Sister struggles with speech problems. We have been waiting on a referral to a speech therapist for about 2 months now. I decided to see how she would do with the headset. I have her use it for a few minutes about 3 times a week. She is only 3 so the 20 minutes a day seems a bit much for her. I am amazed at how far she has come. She pronounces the /k/ sound as /t/. (example; car seat is tar seat) We started there. We have been working on this particular sound for the 6 weeks that we have had Forbrain. She can know make the sound correctly and is learning to flow it into the word without moving her tongue to her teeth out of habit. She is doing wonderfully! The headset allows her to actually hear how she is pronouncing a word wrong and try and correct it herself! 

Overall, I am really pleased with this product! I am excited to use it when Sister starts seeing a speech therapist! I love that when Popper is having a rough day with the Auditory Processing Disorder, I can grab the headset and allow him to spend some time with it on! I am very hopeful with Brother Bear being able to focus better without the intervention of medication. I love that this product has come into our lives! I have thanked Jesus more times for the blessing of being on this review! It truly was an answer to our prayers!

You can find Forbrain on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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