Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My 6 Lessons of Summer

Summertime is in full swing! During the summer, the Crunchy House sort of slows down. We cut way back on school, eat less traditional meals, and simply enjoy life! I love the warmer weather, the longer days, and the simplicity of it all! Somehow, life lessons seem to happen more often during the summer months. I would like to share a few with you:

1. My children like to earn money!

The younger crunchy kiddos have been working around the house to earn some money of their own. They love having a job and also the dime that is earned when that job is completed! So, I have been giving out odd jobs that allows them to earn a dime to add to their banks.
They all had been working really hard to save money. After several weeks they all asked if we could take them to the Dollar Tree to spend some of their money on a toy. 
While Daddy T and I encourage tithing and savings and are teaching both principles to our kids. We know that allowing them to spend a dollar is such a reward for them. And also by allowing them to spend that money, it will encourage them to continue with their jobs around the house to earn more! Thus, helping mom not be so overwhelmed! It really is a win-win!
This has been a great revelation in our home.

2. Flarp is NOT my friend!

Okay, so this should be a no-brainer. However, sensory processing comes with its challenges. A good sensory input toy that they spend their own money on, well, let's just say I got overly optimistic and excited!
When Sister asked if she could have her's in the car, I thought my explanation of, "Yes, but please leave it in the container." was enough. I forgot that in 3-year-old little girl world I should have also included: 'Don't try to make a necklace and put it over your head.'

Thankfully, a fellow mom with the same issue saved my sanity and  my daughter's hair with her blog post here! Through her post, I found out that water and soap removes it very easily! Sadly, her daughter did not have the same kind of luck when she got it in her hair. 

3. Chickens like tomatoes!

That's right folks. My beautiful garden was producing tomatoes like crazy. I decided to let my chickens out of their range pen and into the yard and then I went into the house. This is when my sweet hens decided to raid my tomato plants eating at least a dozen of my big beautiful balls of fruit!

4. Summertime does not equal sleep in time!

Maybe when my children are older I will have the pleasure of sleeping past 6:30am. However, this summer is not that time! 

5. I love the simplicity of summer time fun-schooling! 

We worked extra hard this year. With finding out that Popper has dyslexia we went through the 2nd grade twice from last July through this May. We were all ready for a break.

I decided that we needed to lessen our load. I cut back on reviews for the Crew to only a couple a month and cut out everything else except reading and nature studies. 
We are loving this! Also, I am so amazed to see my kids create and design new creations out of their LEGOs and tinker box. 

6. If you allow a child to decide they want to read before beginning any lessons, teaching is super simple!

That's right. The studies we read, they aren't wrong!!! I decided that I was not going to teach Brother Bear to read until he asked to be taught. I am not going to lie to you. I prayed that he would actually ask and not just allow everyone else to read to him. 

One afternoon, I went and got the  mail. The boys' LEGO magazines were there. Both of the younger boys really look forward to these. They immediately open them and 'read' them cover to cover. The problem is, Brother Bear can't read yet. And since Popper has the older version of the magazine, he is busy reading his own. 
Brother Bear came to me and asked, "Momma will you teach me to read so that I can read my LEGO comic?" 

We were given the opportunity to review an amazing product (coming soon) that next week! I am thrilled to tell you that, after only 5 lessons, my sweet boy is already reading!!! 

I am sure there will many many more lessons learned this summer. With 4 children I can't imagine it any other way! I would love to hear some of the lessons that you have learned this summer as well! 

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