Friday, September 9, 2016

Christian Homeschool Hub- A TOS Review

Sister is always asking if she can join us during school time! She loves to color! Lately, she has been wanting more than just color sheets to learn with. She wanted learning pages that would help her learn to write her letters and learn her numbers. Thankfully, we were given the opportunity to review, and received an annual subscription to CHSH Download Club!

The Download Club has over 50,000 pages of educational downloads in one place! I was shocked by the sheer volume of resources available. I spent so much time digging and oohing and awing over all the fun things available! I even made a wishlist for the coming months! One of my favorite things about the way that the site is set up is that they have all the downloads organized by subject, grade, or even seasonal. It made it so much easier to find what I was looking for quicker! I was able to go straight to the preschool section when Sister asked if she could have a school page to work on! 

I decided to start her on some basic preschool learning pages. I printed off pages for prewriting and scissor practice to start with. She loved being able to have 'her own school pages' to do while the boys were working on their assignments! There were even a few of the pages that Brother Bear wanted to do too. It was so nice that I was able to log back in and simply print what I needed for him to be able to join her in learning. This is such a great resource for a family that is teaching multiple kiddos! I was even able to find and download Popper a few books about constellations to go along with his space studies! 

With October being right around the corner, I was excited to see festive pages for learning. Fall is our favorite time of year in the Crunchy house! I love to have everything themed. I printed prewriting pages of spider webs, number matching puzzles with candy corn and bats, and an acrostic poem template for Autumn. I can't wait to see their creativity as they write and paint these pages and to hang them up in the schoolroom for decorations!

 This is a great resource for families looking to homeschool on a budget! There are so many resources available for all grades and subjects! The yearly membership is only $25 and the annual is $99! With unlimited downloads and printing it has definitely saved us money.

You can find Christian HomeSchool Hub online:

Facebook Group
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Google+ Group
Google Business Page

There were other members of the Crew reviewing this as well. As large as it is, you can guarantee that none of us used it the exact same way! I know that I am looking forward to seeing what goodies that they found and how they used them! You can check out their reviews too by clicking the link below:

Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}

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