Friday, October 21, 2016

Woah! What A Year!

This year has been a tough one! I knew when I accepted the word 'Trust" as my word for the year, that I was in for a tough one! I was not wrong! However, through it all, God has been more than faithful! He has proven Himself again and again! I thought I should give you a little bit of an idea of where I have been these past few months!

It all started when Daddy T was let go from his job because of lack of work. I was scared silly! God more than provided, but the next few months were not easy! He took us from our home and moved us 45 minutes away. He provided us a home to buy (super big deal) right next door to my parent's house! Finally, He moved Daddy T one more time 90 days later, to a permanent job with an established company, complete with benefits and school paid for to get his licensing! 

Our van broke down. It was our only vehicle. God not only provided another one, but for less than our budget and was newer and more reliable than the previous one!!!

A whirlwind to say the least, but now that we are here, I can't imagine being anywhere else! The kiddos love running back and forth to Nana's when their schoolwork is finished! They love the freedom of country living and more land to run and play on! 

I have enjoyed owning our 1st home! I have been busy painting and decorating! Of course with Fall in full swing, I am loving the cooler weather that is allowing me to fill my home with the sweet smells of baking! 

Some random changes that aren't near as thoughtful, but still fin to share:

*We now are the proud parents of 2 kittens! Merri and Pippin joined our family just a few months ago!

*I am now a blond! My best friend is a cosmetologist and we got bored! I actually love it! 

*Brother Bear is reading! (Thank you ABeCeDarian) He has discovered his love for Minecraft and will begin soccer next month!

*Sister can sat the sounds /g/ and /k/ which is huge for her! She has also started ballet class and discovered that she loves to bake!

*Popper is now officially reading on 3rd grade level! (Thank you Dyslexia Games!) He starts basketball next week! He has become quite the musician on the piano!

*B cut his hair! He starts jazz band soon and is loving the smaller school!

Life is great! God is good! We will still have moments where trusting Him is hard. Times when He asks us to step out of our comfort zone, but for now, I will enjoy the journey and the peace that comes from knowing the HE is still in control!  

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