Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Is For....


One of the greatest gifts that I have as a mom is being available for my kiddos. I am beyond thankful that I have the privilege of being here, present with them everyday. 

There have been several times when that availability has been threatened due to finances. I am thankful that my Heavenly Father heard my heart's cry and allowed for us to find other ways to provide financially that didn't involve me being out of the home.

There have also been times in the past where depression has tried to steal my availability to my children as well. The reality was I simply didn't want to be available in that moment. I wanted to escape. I am forever grateful for a husband, family, and friends that never stopped praying for and loving on me. 

These memories make this a special kind of thankful! I love knowing that I can be here, praying for, encouraging, learning with, and simply enjoying my kiddos everyday!

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I am thankful people are doing this linky. :)

  2. That's the best part of homeschooling is that I can be available. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Having availability for your children is definitely something to be thankful, as are family and friends who pray for you through your tough times.

  4. Excellent post. We're so lucky to be available for our kids as homeschoolers, but we have to be careful not to make ourselves too busy and, therefore, unavailable.

  5. Availability is something that others seem to roll their eyes at when I mention it or a version of it as a major benefit of homeschooling. This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of being a home educator and around my family. - Lori

  6. Definitely! I love that I can be home with my boys (even on those days I think perhaps I would like to run away I know I'm lucky to get to be with them).