Sunday, February 12, 2017

D is for....

There are a lot of really great D words that I could be thankful for. I actually had a hard time choosing which word I was going to write about. However, last week was a rough one for me. At the end of the very long week my sweet husband announced that we were going on a date! That was the best news ever!

I don't know about you, but when I have had a rough week, I tend to get short tempered and a tad moody. I was delighted to hear that we were getting away just the 2 of us!!!

What a refreshing evening it was! We were only gone a few hours. We didn't go anywhere fancy. In fact, it was dollar cheeseburgers and walking around my favorite used book store, but it was all that I needed! I came home refreshed. My love language is quality time. I love that my husband saw that my tank was running on empty and that I needed refilling, and that is exactly what happened through our date night!

I am really being challenged with choosing to be thankful. I have to be intentional about my thoughts. It is a great habit for me to learn, and I hope that you are being challenged as well.

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