Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Children's Museum

We have been looking for some new ideas for field trips and family activities. We decided to give the children's museum a try. We were both a little skeptical that there would be enough to keep our kiddos busy as young as they are. We were pleasantly surprised. There were so many things that the kids were able to play for 2 hours. In fact, they would have played longer, but Dad and I were worn out! Here are just a few of the activities that we enjoyed.

They have a creation station. Every month they have a craft of the month as a focus, but the children are not limited to that craft. They can make just about anything that they would like. When we were there the focus was sewing. The boys chose to sew penguin puppets. They loved it.

Their focus room was sound. The kids had a blast making music!

Everyone's favorite part was the tape tube and slide! It is actually made out of packing tape!
It took 25 people an entire week to make this amazing creation. 
There is a net between you and the ground, but I have to tell
you, as someone who isn't fond of heights, it is a tad on the scary side!
I think the boys went through it at least 2 dozen times! 
Sister loved it as well! The height didn't seem to bother her in the least.

We had a great time. I love that the kids were learning as well as having fun!

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