Monday, September 23, 2013

Love Your Children!

Titus 2:4
"that they admonish the younger women
 to love their husbands, to love their children,"

Last week we talked about loving our husbands and being foolishly tender. This week we are on to the 2nd thing that younger women are supposed to learn.
This command was almost a DUH moment to me. I was just curious why this would need to be put in.  I adore my babies, as do most moms. Why should we have to be commanded to love our children?

Upon searching the original Greek, I came up at a loss. It simply means to love them.

I spent some serious time in prayer over this verse.
God quickly reminded me of all the times during the day that I tell my children 'go play.'
I am embarrassed to tell you that this verse was written for moms like me! Moms that get so busy in their worlds of blogging, crafting, and cleaning, that we lose our focus. I do not believe that I am a bad mom. I am human. I tend to get so involved in reading my latest review book or writing my latest blog post that I am 'bothered' when my kids interrupt that time. I have known for a long time that blogging hours are a necessity, but sometimes when the writing inspiration hits I ignore those pre-selected hours and type away.  Other times, I am so focused on getting the house cleaned up and the laundry done that I forget that those things can wait.
Now, I am not saying that I should neglect all of my responsibilities of the house and totally spend 100% of my time on my children. I am saying that my balancing act tends to get off with my children at the losing end of things.
God commanded me to love my children. I will argue all day that I do love my kids. God quickly reminded me this week that my actions are speaking way louder than my words!

Am I spending time with my children? Am I teaching them and training them? Or am I so wrapped up in my online world that I shoo them away to entertain themselves?

Father, Help me to love my children! Let me show them and not just tell them that I love them. Please, help me to find the balance needed to be a good mom!
In Jesus Name, Amen


  1. Lovely blog, had a great time reading the post. I love how honest you have been about wanting more babies. about homeschooling. Had fun reading. I think about homeschooling often but don't think I could ever have the discipline to do it.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I knew that when I started blogging that I wanted to be real with people. I never want to give off the air of having everything perfect. I fully rely on God to get me through each day! I am not the most disciplined person either, I fight schedules with both heels dug in! The Lord is dealing with me on that! I so enjoy teaching and learning along side my children that I am willing to be a little uncomfortable while God molds me into what He wants me to be! God Bless You! Thank you again for stopping by and for your sweet words of encouragement!

  2. Sometimes it is the simplicity of the word that is the most challenging: love. Thank you for this post!

  3. Of course, we all love our children but I think that one of the most difficult things is to be present for them in the moment and not to allow our own agendas or distractions to take over.
    Thanks so much for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions