Saturday, October 12, 2013

Be Self-controlled

Titus 2:5
"to be self-controlled"

Defined according to Merriam-Webster: "restraint exercised over one's own impulses, emotions, or                                                      desires"

Talk about a loaded definition! 
While reading a book for the Review Crew, I came across a thought from an author. She says that you can't control what others say about you, but how you respond to what they say. I spent some time with that thought. The Lord really grew that in me. It's not just other people, but all my circumstances.  I have a choice to make every moment of every day. I can chose to say what's on my mind and have negative attitudes or I can chose to keep my mouth closed! 

I am a very dramatic person by nature. I love acting and therefore have been trained to be animated. Couple that with my love of writing and you have a very animated person with the vocabulary to describe everything! I am a very excitable person. It translates in my writing as exclamation points! Yes, I really do talk with that much excitement most of the time.  On the flip side of things, I can get upset just as easily, especially if it is something that I am passionate about!

1 Timothy 1:7 in the Amplified Bible says "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of a calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control."

I know this is talking about fear, but I think it also translates into other areas of our lives. 
I can use a calm, well-balanced mind, discipline and self-control in so many other circumstances in my every day life! 

"control over one's impulses, emotions, or desires"

I am not a morning person! I am a night owl. I enjoy being up late after everyone else is in bed. I write for this blog during those very quiet evening hours. However, my children are very early risers! My own desire is to stay in my warm and comfortable bed until at least 8am, then I would like to get up slowly, drink a HOT cup of coffee while waking up.  That is NOT how my mornings go in this house. I am awake most mornings by 6am. I get breakfast for the children, change the 2 littles, and lunch ready for Thomas to take to work.  My first cup or 2 of coffee are lukewarm at best. It is not until 930 ish, when the children go outside to play that I get a hot cup of coffee while doing my quiet time. 
The Lord has to remind me far too often of the many years that I cried out for children on these mornings. I am learning self-control. I am learning to have control over my desires and also over my attitude during these early mornings when 3 children and my husband are demanding my attention.  I am learning to find the joy in these times with my family. That does not mean that I have mastered this yet. There are still mornings that I do not get up until it is time for Thomas to leave for work and I have to take care of the children. There are times that I do get up and I am so grumpy that my family wishes I had just stayed in bed. On those days all I can say is thank God for grace! 

This week I am being challenged to really practice self-control. I pray that you will join me! 

What are some of the areas that you struggle with self-control? 

Father God,
 I pray that you give each one of us the strength to maintain control over our impulses, desires and emotions. Help us to look to You for guidance. Please, give us strength in those moments that we struggle. Thank You for Your grace! 

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