Saturday, October 12, 2013

In a Nut Shell...

I have been spending a lot of time thinking lately. I know that under the wrong circumstances that can be a very negative thing, but I believe that it can be very healthy as well.

The new place is almost blissful! I love the amount of space. I love that the children have a backyard to play in. I am enjoying the windows open and decorating for fall! I find myself spending major amounts of my days being truly thankful and praising God for this amazing blessing that He has given my family!

School is back in full swing. Popper is doing wonderful. His reading is coming along wonderfully. We are both struggling in his math, but learning together, which is my favorite part of teaching him! He has taken a season off from soccer and will return in the spring.

We are currently searching for a new church home.  There is some history and hurt behind this that I am not at liberty to share. I just know that God has done some major healing in my heart over the last 2 years and is still currently working on my husband's heart. I know that there is a home out there for us. We are trusting him to show us the way.

This weekend I got to spend some special time with my 2 youngest while Popper was with his Nana. I love that extra special attention that I got to give them. I am shocked and slightly embarrassed to say that I miss out on so much of their personalities sometimes because I am busy with Popper. I know that there are parents out there that don't understand this, but when you have a child with any kind of disorder, you tend to exhaust a lot of your energy on that child.  I am learning how to balance this just like other areas of my life.

I have started whole eating for my family again. Thomas says that he feels like he has a ton more energy. (This is a very good thing) I am leaning on my Father for this one. My heart aches at the thought of losing my best friend. I want him around for a very long time. He is such an amazing father and dad! My soul cries out almost constantly for healing for him.

Life keeps moving! Everyday I am grateful for another day to spend with my family, another day to praise my Savior, another day to be a mom, wife, friend.

I am glad to be back! Writing has become such a part of me and I have truly missed it!

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