Monday, November 16, 2015

Life, Love, and Dyslexia: Sarah's Journal- A Review

This is not one of my normal reviews. I actually was given a copy of "Life, Love & Dyslexia: Sarah's Journal" by my friend, Heather. With the recent reality that Popper has dyslexia, I wanted to know more. Sarah Janisse Brown not only has dyslexia herself but 3 of her 10 children have it as well. She is the author and creator of Dyslexia Games. I knew that with all that she would have answers for my many burning questions.
She might, but this book did not answer those questions. Instead, this book took me on a faith journey. It challenged my level of surrender to God, It made me re-evaluate just how serious I took my relationship with Him, and so much more.
I have more highlighted phrases, underlined verses, and prayers in this book than any of my other reviews. God used this book to get me face-to-face with Him and His calling on my life! I was reminded that He will take care of every single detail! When He gives you a promise, command, or calling He will provide all of the details that go along with it!

I cannot say enough good things about this book! Even if you or anyone in your family doesn't have dyslexia, this book still is a gem that you need to read! You will see a level of faith in Sarah that will challenge you and cause you to believe deeper, and desire to grow more in your relationship with God.
There is humor there too! Stories of her and her children that will make you laugh, and wonder how she does it all!

Get your copy today!  You can get it on Amazon.

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