Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dyslexia Games-An Answer to Prayers!

At the beginning of November I wrote and told you all about Popper's recent diagnosis of dyslexia. I told you about the opportunity to review for Dyslexia Games. I knew the review opportunity alone was an answer to my prayers. The results of the last 3 weeks speak for themselves!

 We have been using Art First, which is the 1st book on Group A.
 Popper loves this book so much. He actually asks to do pages in it! Sitting down to read and work on phonics used to bring us both to tears! Then we started Dyslexia Games. Now, he loves his workbooks!

dyslexia games review

Last Friday, I asked him to complete his normal 3 pages for that day. He sat down to start and counted that he only had 6 pages left in the whole book. He wanted to finish them that day. Of course, I let him! That much excitement over school work makes a happy mommy!

dyslexia games for kids, dyslexia games the thinking tree

We started using Word Hunt 1 in conjunction with the 2nd book. It is very helpful. I had Popper look for 3 letter words in the 1st chapter that he read. It caused him to really slow down and look at the words. Which resulted in less stumbles while reading. He was so excited that he could actually read the words without much help! I could see him self-confidence building!

dyslexia games series a

This picture melts my mommy heart and shows just why Dyslexia Games my answer to prayer! I was cooking dinner and looked up to find Popper reading a book to Sister! He was reading for pleasure; not because I told him to, not because it was assigned, but because he wanted to read to his sister! 
This is a new found confidence! I am so excited about the improvement in his reading already, and we are only through book 1! 

I can't wait to see where we will be when he finishes all of A! 

I'll be posting updates as we go. My hope is that if there is someone out there who has a child struggling, they will see this and be able to get the resources that they need!

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