Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Chickens!

I realized that I had not written anything in regards to homesteading lately. I figure that it is long overdue.

Back in September we went down to Atwood's and bought ourselves chickens. Yep! We were officially owners of 8 baby chicks. The kiddos were thrilled to have 'pets.' I was thrilled that we would have fresh eggs in the early spring. My sweet crunchy family goes through a dozen eggs easily in one breakfast.

raising baby chicks
They started out so very tiny. 

The first few weeks were very entertaining as the crunchy kiddos played with their new pets. They begged constantly to go to the mudroom to watch, but not touch, the chicks. (that never happened, by the way!) I usually found them cuddling a chick a piece and arguing over names.

So tiny!

Finally, after about a month, most of the names were settled. We had Penguin, Flappy Bird, Robin, Batgirl, Watchman, Sweetie Bird, and Indian. This left one bird, who still doesn't have a name. Poor guy!

At the beginning of November, these little birds weren't so little anymore. They moved from their small living space in my mudroom to the barn out back. We started taking them to the small fenced area that will eventually be their permanent home during the day. Meanwhile Daddy T and B worked on the hen house.

Popper and his friend, Diva, cuddling the chicks.

One day while we were outside trying to secure a spot in the fence that Robin, renamed Houdini escaped through the night before, we had noticed that Sweetie Bird was missing. Moments later a very large hawk came swooping in and almost captured Batgirl. My screaming scared him away. We realized very quickly where Sweetie Bird had gone.
Learning to free range, before the hawk found them.

Now, Daddy T and B have a much larger job of enclosing the top of their fenced in area to keep out the hawk and any of his friends that might try and get another one of my hens!

Brother Bear cradling Penguin! She actually thinks that she is a pet!

This is a new experience for me and Daddy T. We are learning all we can as we go. I can't wait until there are fresh eggs on my table every morning!

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