Thursday, March 31, 2016

Filling Sister's Love Tank

The Thinking Tree, Coloring, Memories
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As if I weren't already obsessed with The Thinking Tree books, I found A Coloring Book For Two. Did you know that they had coloring books? They do, and they are just as fantastic as the rest of their books. This particular coloring book is such an amazing addition to my library.  Sister and I share a love language: quality time. 

The Thinking Tree, Coloring for Two

 One of Sister's favorite things to do is to color. What better way to fill her tank with quality time, than to color with her. And what better to color than this adorable book!?!

Each page has a mirror image of the image on both sides. This allows for Sister and I to both color the same picture at the same time!

I cannot get over the sheer cuteness of the pictures! I mean, seriously, these pictures are so sweet. Sister is in love with them. 

 There are also pages for us to dream together. Every couple of pages are these lined pages that have different heading to get us talking. There are pages for Travel Dreams, Bucket Lists, Memories, and more!  The second half of the book has blank pages that we can fill in as we want. I am so excited to see what we dream up!
I cannot wait to fill these pages during our time together. The memories that we will make will be documented on each page. This special time with my special girl will help fill both of our love tanks. It is definitely a win-win! 

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  1. What a cute coloring book! My little ones LOVE to color!