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Zeezok Music Appreciation: Mozart A TOS Review

Classical music is a must in our household! We listen to it almost daily while coloring and playing. We enjoy hearing new artists and discussing the music. Naturally, when given the chance to try out Music Appreciation: Book 1 for the Elementary Grades by Zeezok Publishing LLC , we jumped at the opportunity! This is a complete music appreciation program. There are some beginnings of music theory as well. 

I was shocked the day we received our package in the mail! This was way more than I expected it to be! We received:

7 composer books: These books cover Schubert, Mozart, Paganini, Haydn, Bach, Handel, and Beethoven. Each book has the history of the composer that it highlights. They are written as a story to help keep the kids entertained as well as educated about the particular composer.

Music CDs: This included 5 CDs that had music from all 7 composers on it, plus 35 additional recorded pieces, explanations and demonstrations of instruments in an orchestra.

A Lapbook Cd:This disc is filled with resources that you can print out to create lapbooks on each of the 7 composers.

A Student Activity Book: This book has a section for each composer and takes the learning to a new level by including lessons on geography, character qualities, comprehension, and music theory. As well as, fun activities and puzzles to engage the child in learning.

According to the information in the front of the Student Activity Book, this is a 2 year program when you complete all the different composers. They suggest a 4 week timeline for each composer. However, they do add that you can adjust that timeline to fit your child's needs and schedule. Because 2 of my children are a little younger than most, we went a little slower. I wanted them to enjoy the story times and activities as well as really become familiar with the different pieces written by the composer that we are studying. For Popper and older students, I think that their 4 week timeline would be perfect! 

Popper begged to start with Mozart. We had checked out a CD with his music on it from the library a while back and the kiddos fell in love.

The stories about the composers are written so well. The kiddos loved hearing how Mozart grew-up. They couldn't believe that he was composing at only 5! Brother Bear, who is 5 now, said he could never write music like Mozart. I assured him that he could do anything that he put his mind to!

Brother Bear and Sister have a harder time sitting still during read alouds. I decided to allow them to draw and paint during this time. I loved that they drew what they were hearing. All 3 kiddos made their pictures of Mozart from different points in his story! 

I used the Student Activity Book with Popper. I asked him the review questions out loud and we answered them together. His favorite were the word searches and puzzles. I enjoyed reading and teaching the different character qualities that were present in Mozart. With my boys both being dyslexic, I was able to stress the creative part of Mozart's personality. and that through hard work and practice you can do anything.  
We also really enjoyed identifying the different countries, that Mozart visited during his tours, on our big map.  The kiddos were amazed that he was able to travel so much and so far from home as a child.

This is the very first time that Popper and I got to do a lapbook together. We had a great time. I loved that there was a timeline available. It helped us to really see how young he was when all his composing started. Popper liked learning all the different music vocabulary. He has been asking about taking music classes to learn to play the guitar. I think this was a great place to begin!

Of course, a favorite to us all, was the CD filled with music from all the different composers. We were shocked to hear some very familiar melodies, like 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', were written by Mozart! 
Upon learning that Mozart met and passed on a chance to teach Beethoven, the kiddos informed me that Beethoven is the next composer that they want to study!

I love that the kiddos enjoy the classical music and learning about the different composers. This is such an inclusive set. We really learned every subject through these books and CDs,: character studies, geography, music theory, vocabulary, and timelines of history.  I can't wait to get started on the next composer. 

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