Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shark Week, Homeschool Celebrity and Our Weekly Wrap-Up

It's that time of year again! The one week in the summer where I lose the battle over TV time. Shark Week! I know there are many that are big fans. I am not! I can stand one show a day and then I am DONE! However, I live in a house of animal lovers. So, when this week comes along, this is what my boys look like:

I know that sharks are educational. I just loathe the amount of sharks that we learn about this looooong week every summer. Dinner time is spent retelling all the fun facts about all 9000 species of sharks that they learned about throughout the day. 

When I do finally peel them away from the television to play outside...

They play sharks and minnows in the pool! *SIGH*
I guess there are worse things that they could be learning about! Since Popper wants to be a marine biologist when he is older, I do humor him as he recounts his knowledge every night. I even retain some of it for later conversations. 

Last weekend, Sister and I got the privilege of running the Thinking Tree booth at our local homeschool convention. We were able to meet and bless so many moms with the books that Sarah sent to us. 
As if that were not enough, we got to meet 'The Ooey Gooey Guy' otherwise known as Mr. Andrew Pudewa of Institute of Excellence in Writing. If you remember, we reviewed their poetry memorization here. The children love the poems! Sister couldn't wait to meet him! (I couldn't either)

Of course, she got shy when she actually met him! She had to tell him her poems. He was super nice and patient with her when she stumbled. He coaxed her along gently and she was able to finish! He even recited the poem that we are currently working on. Her face lit up with excitement! She was in awe that he actually knew all the poem!

We are still schooling this summer. I think that it is important to not take too long off especially with my budding readers!

We have added a couple of really amazing things to our days. (future reviews are coming!) I cannot wait to share them with you!

In the middle of the afternoon the temperature gets a bit hot for us. So, we head inside to cool off and play. The boys use this time to play LEGOs and build forts!

Popper's sign says 'DO NOT DISTURB!" He said it was his quiet space for rest time! 

That about sums up the week that we have had! As we turn to our calendars to July tomorrow, I realize that the busyness just keeps coming. We have parties and VBS! I love summertime! I love the long days spent with friends and families! I hope that you are enjoying your longer days too!

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