Thursday, November 10, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up With "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?"

We are finally in full swing for school, and the kiddos and I are having a blast together. I did some more tweaking to our schedule this week. There will be probably be more as the months go on. My goal is to make learning fun for them! 

I would like to share with you our weekly wrap-up!
This week the littles 'rowed' "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?" by Nancy White Carlstom.

This is such a cute book full of learning opportunities! 

On Monday we focused on Language Arts. Popper started Learning Language Arts Through Literature Yellow Book while the littles worked on learning to rhyme! As a group we are working on memorizing "After the Party" by William Wise from IEW's poetry memorization. 

Popper is excited about learning to read and write in cursive! I think he did pretty great on his first attempt!

I found these free rhyming clip cards on The Measured Mom. We used Forebrain on Sister so that she can better hear herself. It has been very successful in helping her correct speech problems! They both enjoyed the clip cards. I loved watching them starting to learn independently! 

On Tuesday, we worked on math and started learning about Bach. 
We read the first chapter of Bach from Zeezok's Music Appreciation. I printed off a Bach coloring sheet from Year Round Homeschooling. I have found that giving them something to do while I am reading helps them sit still and focus.

Popper is learning multiplication. At first, he was not interested at all, but after seeing how it worked, he was excited that it was faster then adding multiple times!

The littles worked on learning numbers and sorting with our colored bears and number cards. 

Wednesday was Social Studies. We talked about Jesse Bear's family and who our family is. The littles drew a picture of Jesse Bear's family and our family using printable worksheets from Homeschool Share.

I found this cute puzzle by Melissa and Doug that let the kiddos dress Jesse Bear and his mom and dad. Even though the puzzle isn't actually Jesse Bear, the kiddos loved it! I think it fit great in our week.

Thursday was Science. As a group we learned about the sun with Apologia Astronomy. The kiddos each made a picture of the sun, complete with sun spots using chalks. 

The littles also learned about eating healthy. We used this printable worksheet from Homeschool Share. They colored, Brother Bear cut his own out, and they glued them on the plate!

We also worked on Dyslexia Games everyday. I am still so impressed with how well this has helped with Popper writing and reading. I think it is great for any kid really. My kiddos love it!

So, that's our wrap-up! Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed! Up next week:
 "We're Going On A Bear Hunt"

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