Friday, April 28, 2017

While We Wait...

In our home we call it DHS time, the hurry up and wait and wait and wait. It's brutal for me. I overthink and replay so many scenarios in my head of these children that need love. My prayers become broken phrases throughout the day of prayers for children...families, for grace and redemption. I spend time reading my Bible pulling strength from the Father.  It really is a time of preparation for me. 

Spiritually: I am connecting in ways that I pray continue to grow and sustain me during the late nights, the fits, the visits, the court dates, and ultimately the reunification process. Emotionally: I am learning to be stable in the waiting. And physically: I am trying to rest, enjoy time with family and friends that may become less frequent with the addition of children to our home. In all of this I know that God is preparing me for the life change that is about to happen.

So for today, I rest in the truth that my Father is the same yesterday, today and forever. That He is never late, but always right on time. I trust in His sovereignty to know exactly what this momma needs before our doors open. And that He has a plan for my family as well as every single child in the care of DHS right now.  

For one of those precious sibling groups, it's our family. We will get the call, open our doors, and walk along side them and their parents as they travel this part of their journey. My prayer is simple: That we are able to show them Jesus. In all that we say, in all that we do, in every twist and turn that His love pours out of us and onto them. That they would come to know of His love for them, His redeeming power, and His ULTIMATE forgiveness. 

But for now.....we wait. 

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