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Home School in the Woods- Time Travelers American- A Review

Home School in the Woods
Several months ago we were given the opportunity to review Home School in the Woods for the very first time. We were chosen to review their HISTORY Through the Ages Projects Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece. Popper was obsessed with Ancient Greece at that time and it was a fantastic way to learn all about it with a hands-on approach! So, when Home School in the Woods came up again, it was a no-brainer! This time we were chosen to review The American Revolution in their Time Travelers American History studies! 
The Time Traveler American has seven different titles available:
New World Explorers
Colonial Life
The American Revolution
The Early 19th Century
The Civil War
Industrial Revolution
World War II
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We received a digital download of The American Revolution. This contains 25 lessons. Their website says that these lessons are best stretched across a 5-10 week period. I had originally planned to finish one lesson per week. However, some lessons took longer and that was perfect! I wanted to let the kiddos enjoy learning and get the most out of each one. Of course, as usual there is so much great stuff available from penmanship practice pages, a notebook timeline, recipes, file folder games, 3D projects and much more! We love all the hands-on activities that are included with Home School in the Woods. Look at all the great projects included in The American Revolution study:

Time Travelers American History Study: The American Revolution

 I thought this would be a great way to help introduce more early American history to the Crunchy Kiddos before we begin Classical Conversations next month. I wanted them to have some knowledge that they could add to throughout the year.

Daddy T and Popper started by making the three-dimensional replica of Jamestown while I prepped the timeline. Popper enjoyed getting the extra time learning with Daddy (who is usually at work while we are doing our history). He was very concerned when we talked about slavery and informed me that he would have been a nice slave owner who allowed them their freedom. 

One of our favorite activities was the Mayflower Compact. This was something we had learned about a few weeks ago as we were reading. So when it was reintroduced here, the kiddos already knew what it was. That made this project even more enjoyable for all of us.  The instructions said to print it on ivory or parchment paper. Since I didn't have either, we decided to make it look old. We printed it on regular white paper, used tea bags and a lighter to age the paper. Popper was as pleased with the outcome as I was!

I decided to have Popper work on the handwriting pages. He has been learning cursive for this past year. I really liked that these pages were quotes from William Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and several other famous people from this time period. I thought this was a great way to introduce him to fantastic quotes and allow him to practice more extensive cursive work. 

All of us in the Crunchy Household are all visual learners, so, timelines are a hit with us. We are especially fond of the ones from Home School in the Woods. They always include great images for each date to help us remember what was happening.  It is a very nice visual aid that we will continue to add to as we progress through the study! 

We are loving The American Revolution study so much. The kiddos and I are learning so much about our history. Popper informed me today that he was so thankful that he was born in a time and country that allows him to worship God freely! I love that, even at 8, he is learning to appreciate his freedoms!  

I have a great announcement to share with you! Home School in the Woods has just announced their new A-La-Carte! There are over 50 projects available with more being added! These are activities such as historical games, timelines and art activities that can be added to a history unit to make it more hands-on! I love this! I already have 2 file folder games in my cart to use this next school year! An added bonus, if you use use the code alacarte at the check out you can get the Erie canal project for free to help celebrate 200 years since the beginning of the canal!

You can connect with Home School in the Woods on social media:

Home School in the Woods had several products available to help make learning history hands-on and fun! Members of the Crew had the opportunity to review a few of these you can find several of the following product reviews:

Lap-Paks including their new Make-A-State! Also included are:
U.S Elections
20th Century in America
Wonders of the World
Benjamin Franklin
Activity Paks which include: 
Old Testament 
New Testament
Timeline Trio (Which I want for our classroom!) 

More of the Time Travelers American including:
New World Explorers 
Colonial Life
More reviews of The American Revolution
The Early 19th Century 
The Civil War 
Industrial Revolution through Great Depression
World War II

You can read all about these great products and how different members used them in their homeschool by clicking the link below:

Hands-on History {Home School in the Woods Reviews}
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