Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Greater Than...

My 4-year-old, C, is learning numbers 1-20 this week. He is learning greater than and less than. I found this on Pinterest that I thought would be such a neat way to teach this.

I was so excited to start this morning! I grabbed my construction paper, scissors, and trusty makers. I made a greater than/ less than symbol, #'s 1-10 and got the Legos ready.

I started very basic, wanting to be sure that I explained thoroughly the way this worked. On the second problem, I was quickly informed by C that he didn't need the Legos! He knows how to tell which one is more! Well, okay then! Needless to say, he busted my perfectly prepped bubble. I just knew that this was going to be a perfect way to teach him. I was wrong. It figured it out so much easier than I thought that he would.  I wrote out a quick worksheet with 10 problems on it to see just how well that he actually understood. He flew through it! I was so proud.

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