Thursday, July 18, 2013

Learning a New Normal

It's early morning in our house. I would love to say that I am sipping a cup of coffee, reading my Bible, while my children sleep peacefully. However, that is not how things are going this morning! I spent the night awake with 1 of my 3 children interchangeably throughout the night. I am exhausted! This morning I am being woken up by a pair of eyeballs staring into my face only a mere 2 inches away. After I restart my heart I hear the phase that has become coined by D "mo milk." Now, D can talk. In fact, his speech is improving greatly. However, this is a coined term that I am sure he will use the rest of his life. He sounds like a little caveman. Truth be told all I can do is smile as I pull myself out of bed to begin the day.
I stumble into the kitchen, turn on the Keurig, and get D his 'mo milk.' Almost immediately, I hear C, as he stumbles out of his bedroom door, 'I'm hungry, what's for breakfast?' (let me interject here, my children are usually very polite. I usually insist on please, thank you, etc. However, we are not morning people. Therefore, please excuse our demanding and rudeness)
I turn to open the pantry and reach blindly in to grab either the pop tarts or honey buns for a quick and easy breakfast that requires no thought. Then, it hits me! We are eating healthy. That means none of the quick and easy stuff is even in my pantry today. I fight the urge to sweet talk Daddy T into running for donuts....(don't judge, I warned you, I am not a morning person). OK, breakfast, I finally settle on a fairly easy dish of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola with a touch of honey. The kids are thrilled. They love it! I realize that may be this is our new normal.

Now, to start working on that above mentioned goal of early morning with coffee and Bible.....

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