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Faith Builders Bible- A Review

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This face tells all! When we were given the chance to review the Faith Builders Bible by Zonderkidz, I wasn't the only one that thought it would be a great fit. Popper waited by the door for over a week for this to arrive! As an avid Lego lover we just knew that this Bible would be perfect for him. 

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The day that the Bible arrived, I allowed Popper to open the package, not knowing what was inside! His reaction was great! I am so glad that I captured it! He quickly showed off his new Bible to everyone in the family. He couldn't wait to get started reading and building! 

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The Faith Builders Bible is a hardback Bible. Inside there are full-color pictures of scenes from 24 choice Bible stories that are made out of building blocks. They have a summary of the story along with a 'Building Block Verse.'  In the back there is also a Bible Dictionary and a list of 'Great Bible Stories' with the references to the stories. I did a little research and found that the NIrV is written on about a 3rd grade level. That being said, my 2nd grader was able to read it with a little help from me.

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Popper has been studying the 10 Commandments in Sunday School so it was natural that he wanted to start there. He read the 10 Commandments to me and then proceeded to build a model of the full-color image that was in the Bible. We didn't have the exact pieces, but that didn't stop this creative one! He really enjoys Bible learning becoming hands on with his favorite toys, his Legos.

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There are not words to sum up the joy in this mommy's heart watching and listening to my sweet boy read the Bible on his own. With the Faith Builder's Bible being written in the New International Readers Version, it makes it very easy for Popper to both read and comprehend. He actually enjoys reading his Bible! Now he can do his morning readings with little help from me. 

This is such an amazing resource for him. Thomas and I have been trying to teach him to have his own quiet time. We are stressing to Popper the importance of time with Jesus everyday! Now that he has a Bible that he can read and understand, it has made this time even more successful! 

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

This Bible has made a huge impact on the way that we do Bible time as a group as well. Each morning we start our school day with a reading and timeline lesson from a book out of the Bible. This month Popper has been the one to read most of the Bible reading for us during this time! I love that he is able to read this on his own. Also, it is a great example for the younger two that big brother is reading the Bible! It has been such a blessing to our family! 

There have been several days this past week, when I went looking for him, that I found him reading his Faith Builders Bible. If you have a Lego lover in your home, this would be the perfect addition for you. Thomas and I have decided to order one for Brother Bear as well. Nothing beats the joy that I feel hearing my Popper read from God's word!

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