Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Dragon and The Raven: TOS Review

Recently, I was introduced to the most amazing thing in audio books that I have ever heard of: Audio Dramas! Where have these been all of my life? I was given the opportunity to review The Dragon and the Raven by Heirloom Audio Productions

audio drama, Alfed the Great, Heirloom Audio

The Dragon and The Raven is an audio drama from the book by G.A. Hentry. This fabulous audio drama transports you to Wessex, England following the death of King Edmund the martyr when the vikings are seeping through England killing and persecuting Christians. One of the things that Heirloom Audio is about is bringing history to life. This is not always the history that we read about in school, where God's role is either watered down or completely removed from the event. They pride themselves on their research into the actual events that took place, searching for the truth where it might have been omitted by others. These details are what drew me to them. I want to teach my kids history with all things intact, especially where God is involved. (Because isn't He always!)
The story picks up as the Vikings (Danes) have taken over all of England except for Wessex. We are introduced to Edmund, a young man whose faith in God will be tested. He and the very young King Alfred of Wessex work together to try and defeat the Danes. If you know this piece of history than you already know what happens. That was not the case in our family!

The age range on The Dragon and The Raven CD is ages 6-Adult. The website says that children 4 and up would enjoy it. I found that my littles (age 5 and 3) enjoyed the sounds and being with the family, but really didn't understand a lot of the  content. Popper, who is 7, even had a really hard time understanding it. I am not sure if it was the accents or that the story moved quickly at points. Thomas and I really enjoyed it.
The CD came with a study guide and discussion questions. They were helpful in explaining some things to us. Neither one of us were very familiar with this time in history. It was neat to learn about it in such a fun way. This definitely lines up with our fun-schooling mentality. 
I loved that scripture and faith in God were woven into the very depth of this book! I was encouraged as I learned about King Edmund and the new Kind Alfred. Their faith astonished me! I love that we were able to talk about what a martyr with the children. I think it is so important for them to know how very blessed we are in America!
I think that even though the children were a bit too young to truly understand all of the story line, this will be great when they are older. Thomas and I have already been discussing purchasing all the other adventures that they have available so that we can enjoy them now and I can use them for the children's history lessons when they are older.

The Crunchy Family really enjoyed listening together. It was a great way to spend family time. 

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  1. I noticed my littles struggled to understand it, too. I think the vocabulary is well over the head of most 6 year olds.