Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update: Dyslexia Games

When I very first began using Dyslexia Games for Popper, I was desperate to find a way to move forward. We had hit a learning brick wall. Sarah, at The Thinking Tree, was so helpful. She allowed me to review her product here. I was eager to get started. I was hopeful, but nothing could have prepared me or made me believe what we have experienced in the last 3 months.

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Sarah says the average time to go through all the Series A books is about 3 month. We are moving a tad slower. We just hit the 3 month mark and still have a book and a half to finish. My best advice, and Sarah's too, is to move at a speed that is comfortable for your child. We all know that each child learns at a different pace. Popper use to complete 3 or 4 pages a day, but as the logic puzzles got harder, he slowed to 2 pages a day. That is currently what he is completing. It is a nice comfortable pace that doesn't overwhelm him.  

So, here we are! I cannot believe the progress that Popper has made. I am thrilled to be able to share with you the following:

I am so glad that I saved writing samples from the beginning so that I could have this comparison. It makes my heart so happy. My sweet Popper is actually proud of his work! He can't wait to show his daddy when he gets home from work! 

I am amazed each day at how much progress he is making. His reading is even improving! He actually wants to read. There are still days that are harder than others. I know that this isn't a miracle cure all, but I am forever grateful for the improvements that he has made.

I cannot stress enough how much this has changed our lives and the way that we 'do school.' If you have a child struggling with dyslexia, check it out: Dyslexia Games.  There are 3 different levels available for different age ranges. Right now, Series C PDF (which is worth its weight in gold) is on sale for 50% off until March 7th. This one is for ages 10 to adult. It is definitely worth the investment. You will not regret it!

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  1. What an improvement in handwriting!! Impressive!

  2. I love it when something clicks and you can see a big improvement! :) Congratulations!

  3. Michelle, thank you so much for linking up at Bountiful! Your story is SO exciting. Good for you both!

  4. We are moving at a tad slower pace too, lol! He's doing a great job, yay!

    Thank you for being so faithful with linking up!

  5. This is a very inspiring story Michelle. It's so wonderful when you find a method that works for your child. That's beautiful :)