Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Midnights With Jesus-Psalm 37:4

This week really got to me. I have taken to starting at the beginning of the chapter of Psalm that we are looking at and reading through until the Lord stops me. This week it was right on our verse for the week. Psalm 105:4 My Bible is the Modern English Version. The words of this verse jumped off the page at me! 

I have been dealing with depression and breaking free from it. You can read more about that here. This verse was so incredibly eye opening in this process. 

"Seek the Lord and His strength;
seek His presence continuously."

It was like God highlighted this verse for me. It was like He handed me the key to unlock the chains of depression that had been holding me down: Seek His presence continuously!

Now I just need to figure out how to do that. Verses 1-3 tell me just how to do that. 
Verse 1: "Give thanks unto the Lord."  If I am looking for reasons to be thankful, I don't have time to worry about what I don't have or how things could be better.  It really helps shift my focus from my problem to my Problem Solver!

Verse 2: "Sing unto Him"  Praise is the ultimate mood shifter! I had a pastor tell me once that when life gets hard, 'Practice your praise!'  I love that thought! It's not always easy to keep that mindset, but crank up that music and sing unto Him!

Verse 3: "Glory in His name" It is the Name above every name, including, in my case, depression. I will find my freedom in His Name alone!!!

That is how verse 4 is possible. I can seek Him continuously by finding Him in the small stuff. I can make it a point to look for Him in everything. If I am actively looking for Him, seeking Him, then there isn't time for me to worry and get depressed. 

It was such a breakthrough week for me! These 4 verses have become my new life verses! I am putting this card in my kitchen where I will see it on a regular basis. I need this reminder everyday!

Each week has been better than the last. I can't wait to see what this week holds.
We will be focusing on Psalm 37:4 

"Delight yourself in the Lord;
and He shall give you the desires of your heart."

I am really enjoying this series. It is helping encourage me to seek God. Let me just tell you, God is meeting me in that time. I am hearing from Him in a real way! Please, join me. I would love to hear how God is speaking to you during this time. You can leave a comment below or, if you write a blog, link up with me at Mama's Coffee Shop Blog!

If you are just joining us for this series you can find the beginnings and printable PDFs of the verse we are using here.

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  1. Psalms 105:4 - Search, research, interpret. The past may sometimes seem silent, but wrongs must be set right. And this takes time and true strength, one of peace that echoes the splendor that centers each situation. It is through this that one may turn back toward whomever and say please and request whatever is truly needed.