Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Midnights with Jesus: Psalm 37:7

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Welcome back! How was your first week of intentionally seeking God? If I am to be completely honest here, I had a rough week. I was only successful a couple of days. I had to fight to have alone time to seek Him! It was not easy at all! 

I chose to use my Bible Time Journal from The Thinking Tree to journal my time. I love that the pages are small. It helps me to not get overwhelmed. I was able to focus on smaller bites. I found that I was more successful at really meditating on just a portion of His word at a time. I think I got more out of the verses that I studied!

My focus ended up being on Psalm 37:1-9. I could not get enough of these verses. I love how God wove both my time of intentionally seeking Him and my word for the year together beautifully! 

Verse 3 really stuck out to me this week. 

"Trust in the Lord and do good..."

The simplicity here just really got to me. His command for me is simple. 

1. Trust Him.- This is my word-trust! How simple it sounds, but as I am learning it is harder to live out. Verse 8 says " not fret.." God really spoke to me here. He reminded me that when I fret I am not trusting Him. YIKES! The rest of verse 8 says that fretting leads to evil deeds. OUCH! That is not a path I want to continue on.

2. Do good.  Okay, this is such a simple thought. Yet, as most of us know, this is not easy either. I need to remember that doing good is the simplest form of obedience. 

Verse 7 did not escape me either. The truth was a hard one.

3. Resting in Him. I must commit my days to Him, I must! This week was filled with bad attitudes, tears, and at times, downright chaos! I was exhausted by noon most days. I began to realize that I cannot rest if I don't give Him my days. Too often this week I found myself fighting through the day. I was exhausted and frustrated. On those days, I needed to take a moment and give the day to Him. He wants to direct my steps. He wants to give me rest, but He won't force me to give it all to Him. I have to choose to let it all go! Only then will I find rest in Him!  

I love that even though I only completed a few days this week, He still used it! He met me where I was! I can't wait to see how much more He pours into me as I seek Him and my time becomes more consistent!

This next week our focus verse is Psalm 105:4
"Seek the Lord, and His strength:
Seek His face forever."

If you are new and you still want to join us, you can find an overview and a free printable pdf of the verses for the month here.

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  1. Yessssss! I love your journal and I too had a farm time digging in this week. Hoping that next week proves to be better. Thanks for linking up!

  2. A close reading of Psalms 37:7. Whereas the Greek and Latin take the word as a direction to submit, the Hebrew has it as an invitation for silence. The original is more a description than an imperative. One is dumbfounded in God's presence. And whereas the translations follow that only after one is down, one may then come forward and mouth a plea, the Hebrew has something more complex. Since a proper silence is first situated, reflection upon oneself is the response. One must twist and turn inward toward God, that is, literally involve oneself. The everyday and mundane are to be transformed into something more holy. Thus one need not be overly concerned with others who are loud and seemingly successful. It is not quite correct to view the opposite who are meek to be those who are handled or manipulated, but rather those who are ready to be friendly. Be not angry with those in the wrong, but gentle with those who take time in answering. This is a call to not engage in idle chatter, but to focus on the essential.