Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sister's Favorite Book!

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It is another amazing creation from The Thinking Tree. This time the creator is Laura Brown. She has put together a book for horse lovers like herself to enjoy.  

When I first saw this book, I knew that Sister would fall in love! I was right! This has quickly become her favorite book. She oohs and ahhs over all the beautiful pictures. 

This is her favorite page. "Look, Mommy, it's a pony. That's a baby horsey!" 

The pictures are simply beautiful! Sister has looked at this book over and over! She loves the full color pictures of these wonderful horses. 

Along with the beautiful pictures,
 there are facts about the Akhal-Teke horse. Below the fact is a place for her to practice drawing the horse or write more facts about them as she gets older and begins to research them for herself. 

The Thinking Tree has several other horse books that are on my wish list. With Sister's love of horses, these are sure to be great resources for her school days! Below are some links where you can get your copies of these Thinking Tree books!


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