Monday, April 4, 2016

#MomSchool Week 2

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This is one of my favorite images. I love when the kitchen table is full of books, colored pencils, and children! This is a scene that I dreamed about for years when I wanted children. Now, seeing it as a reality, reminds me that God is still in the business of answering prayers! 
This table, with learning stuff spread everywhere, is a reminder of just how blessed I am! It reminds me to be thankful for my family and the fact that I have the ability to stay home and learn right along side my children. That is a blessing that I cherish. 

MomSchool was a bit of a challenge this week. I fell Tuesday afternoon and hurt my back. I spent the remainder of the week on the couch. However, that did not stop the learning. 
We had a lot of fun learning about Mozart (review coming soon). Popper and I are constructing our first lapbook together!  

We also started a new art curriculum (another future review). The crunchy kiddos love art just like their daddy. Like I have said several times, I am very art illiterate. This curriculum is really great for people like me. We got to use watercolor crayons for the very first time! They were a big hit!

I am so in love with Dyslexia Games C! I am still working through the first book. However, I am having a hard time forcing myself to stop at 3-4 pages. I had my folder right beside the couch this week. Anytime there was a moment where I could, I was working through it! 

I was still able to get a couple of pages in my mom journal finished on Monday and Tuesday morning. I love the recipe and food pages. This week I was trying to add variety to the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack categories. We seem to be in a food rut. I started a grocery list of some of the new ideas. Also, I was able to make an illustrated to-do list (please ignore the artwork). It was fun to think up ways that the children and I can learn together.

My reading this week has been Magic Treehouse #40 with Popper. He is doing great, but when there are 2 pages side-by-side that are full of words, he wants me to read one of them. It is a great way to take the pressure off of him and make it a together learning activity!
I also read a few books to Brother Bear and Sister. I didn't get many pictures of these. My phone was out of reach. I was really focusing on keeping it out of reach so that I spend more undistracted time with my kiddos!

  I started a new job. I will be working a couple of nights a week. Daddy T has decided to use this time to help with the kiddos school and learn with them. We got him his own journal, Dad Time. He has agreed to take pictures of Dad School for me while I am away.  I love this idea of getting us all involved in the kiddos learning! I am super excited to see and share these pictures with you next week.

I hope that you had a great week too! I would love to read about how you learned with your kiddos this week! If you are still wanting to get involved, Sarah has created a new Mom School Journal. I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I will share pictures with you as soon as I get it!

As always, I am linked up with Linda at Homeschooling 6. Come over and read how other moms are teaching by example. It's fun to see how we are all doing this differently!

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  1. I'm so sorry about your fall (((hugs))). How fun that your kiddos will share a journal with dad. Can't wait to read about the kids schooling with dad. You did great with mom schooling =)

    Thank you for linking up!