Monday, May 2, 2016


Last year when Daddy T's granny went to be with Jesus, he was given the opportunity to transplant one of her hydrangea plants to our home.  She had 3 big beautiful hydrangea plants. They had been planted 36 years ago when she moved to her house in the country. 
The problem we all faced was that it was in the dog days of summer. Hydrangea does best when transplanted during the winter. However, because of the house selling, that was not an option. So, we tested fate. I prayed like crazy over that gigantic hydrangea bush as my husband and his dad dug up their choice plants. 

We drove it home, planted it, and watered it immediately. We knew the odds were not in our favor. All through winter we watched as the plant sat dormant, hoping beyond hope that it would take. 

Earlier in the year, as the weather started warming, his dad called. He had lost almost half of his plant. They were still watching the rest. 

Daddy T and I ran outside to check our's...not only was it all still alive, there were 20+ blooms starting to appear! We knew that it had made it! We were going to be able to enjoy Granny's flowers again for many years to come!

This past weekend we were out of town at the homeschool convention. When we got home, we went out to check on the chickens and garden. On my way back into the house, I peeked on our beloved plant. This is the picture that I saw:

Pink flowers!!! The memories of Granny B and the love for life that she shared with everyone who met her came flooding back! I know that she would love that we are getting to enjoy her favorite flowers. 
They remind me of the hope we have that she is with Jesus and that one day we will be together again, singing loud His praises. Until then, her memory lives on in my backyard through these flowers, and in my home through my husband and children! Precious, precious memories....

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