Friday, May 6, 2016

Since I Love Giveaways....

I have to admit, giveaways are my favorite things ever!!! I love giving as much as I love winning!

I know that I may have mentioned this amazing little company called The Thinking Tree and how they have changed the way we 'do school.'  Well, they have launched a brand new website, Fun-Schooling Books, where you can now see all of their books and journals organized in one place. I have to say, this site is beautiful! I am serious! I have to force myself to walk away from the computer.

Anyway, in honor of their new site, I am giving away one of their books!
I know that I have mentioned fun-schooling more than once. I am sure there are still many of you that have no clue what I am talking about. Some may understand, but you just don't know where to start. This Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook is designed to help you walk through this transition!

There are several pages with ideas that the creator, Sarah, put together. These pages show you how to create baskets to help you kiddos get excited or curious about learning.

There are pages for you to ask your kids and write down what they are interested in learning about! Plan and organize all your thoughts and ideas to help get you started!

Throughout the book are quotes from moms who have made the flip to fun-schooling. I am in there too! We talk about how and why we chose to make the flip. I think it is neat to read all the different experiences and what fun-schooling means to each one. We are all so different and that translates in how we choose to fun-school!

Mixed in with all that goodness, is pages like the one below. These really help you, as a mom, focus on continuing to learn yourself!  I truly believe this is what sparked our 'mom school' movement. We all realized that we loved learning with our kids. Better still, our kids were inspired by us learning along side them!

I believe this book is the best starting point for any mom wanting to make the flip to fun-schooling! 

It is available for purchase on Amazon. You can visit their new website, Fun-Schooling Books, to see it and many more journals to help you on this new journey!

I am giving away one of these journals to one of you!!!
You can enter below!


  1. Would love to get a copy of this!

  2. I have been reading so many good reviews on this collection of journals! People really love them. I've had my eye on this Mom journal!

  3. I jsut found Fun-schooling and am so happy we did, we are a very low income family so I am buying things one at a time when we have extra money.. we are so excited when we get them in the mail!.. ok so I might be way more excited, but still its exciting!!

  4. The Mom journal looks great! I love her books as do my kids.

  5. I just visited and liked your blog. I actually have this book in my Amazon saved list!

  6. I just liked your FaceBook page. I have this journal in my Amazon "Saved for later" list so I would love to win!

  7. I would love to win this for my daughter who is just starting to homeschool our grandson.

  8. I saw these at a homeschool convention They looked neat!

  9. I think my daughter and I would love to use these journals. I've been looking at them for months, but haven't taken the plunge yet.

  10. Id love to have this. Im new to homeschooling and though i havent tried one out yet i am loving the Thinking Tree journals!! This is one i need, as i hadnt thought of unschooling/fun schooling till i saw these. Now how to implement it??;)