Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Busy Week & Precious Memories

We had a wonderful week at the Crunchy House! Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. I love to bake and cook for my family. 

Recently, we put our family on the Feingold diet. It has helped considerately with the behavior in our house.  That being said, we had to make some of our favorites a little differently this year. However, my mom was wonderful! She helped make sure that (most) everything on our Thanksgiving table was safe for my kiddos to eat.
Here is a glimpse of the amazing spread we had. The pie table was attacked before I was able to get a picture!

This year was a first for Daddy T and I. We went Black Friday shopping!  We actually had a lot of fun! We were there 2 hours early and were 5th in line. We met a very sweet lady and her son that we chatted with the whole time. I was so surprised at how friendly everyone was. 
We successfully finished ALL of our Christmas shopping while staying well below our original budget!

Of course, the kiddos were super excited about getting the tree put up this year. Our ceilings at the new house are shorter than our old house. We had to buy a new tree. Since it was smaller, we opted for 2 trees. This let the kiddos have their very own tree with all their special ornaments on it. They loved that this is their tree!!!
The boys decided that they wanted to let Sister put the star on. I love their sweet spirits!

Daddy T, B, and I had a lot of fun trying to get the top of the piano decorated.  I loved the way that it turned out!

Our living room tree holds very precious memories. The top is adorned with an angel that Daddy T's Granny B gave us just a few months before she went to be with Jesus. The ornaments range form bells we picked our with B that very first Christmas that we were a family and small, hand-painted bells that my Granny bought us as a wedding gift.  The cardinal on the tree skirt represents my Poppa. He loved the way the cardinal looked against the snow in winter. They were one of his favorite birds. Precious memories of times with my loved ones flash through my mind as we decorated our tree. I treasure those memories. I am so thankful for the promise that this time of year reminds us of. The hope that we will see them again one day!

I love this time of year, filled with family and friends. Above all, I love the Gift that was given that very first Christmas. The Gift given so that I could have hope! 

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